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Young Man With Facial Tumour Seeks Help For A Life-Altering Surgery

A young 26-year-old person, dreams of many things, has many goals, and works towards building a roadmap for the same. But Shubham dreams of just one thing - being able to eat one wholesome meal in his life. What is stopping him from achieving this rather small and mundane task, is a massive tumour on his face. It is not only restricting Shubham from performing daily tasks, but also hampering his self-esteem and confidence.  

“Whenever I step out of the house, there is always someone ridiculing me, calling me names, and constantly asking what is wrong with my face. It hurts a lot, but I am used to it now. What I really want is to be able to eat and drink properly. Because of the tumour, I have difficulty inserting a single finger in my mouth, let alone a proper bite of a freshly-cooked meal. I can barely chew, and I have trouble speaking. My eyesight in one eye is restricted and it is red most of the time. All of this can be eliminated with just one more surgery, but we can’t afford it.” - Shubham

Shubham has had this tumour since birth and it grew along with him. Due to his condition, Shubham was discriminated and excluded each day of his life and almost every step of the day. Be it school, a job interview or a family function, he could never truly be himself.

“In 2019, I underwent a major surgery for my tumour. It was only possible with the support of kind strangers. I was happy with the progress I made, only to realise that this surgery was not enough. Within 6 months of the surgery, the tumour started growing again, and doctors advised us to undergo a follow-up surgery. But yet again our financial status restricted us from getting it done. To add on to our miseries, the lockdown threw us into more financial trouble.

Before surgery (L), After surgery (R)

Shubham needs another surgery to get rid of the tumour completely, but his family, who are just farmers, and have done their best so far, are failing to afford it.

“We have seen him suffer all his life. After the corrective surgery, we were so hopeful for a better life. But he is back to square one now. The surgery will be possible only with your kind support, just like last time. Please help my son live a normal life.” - Narmada, mother

“I want to be independent, study more, and work hard so I can look after my parents. I just want to have a chance of living a normal life.” - Shubham
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Patient Shubham Patel is 24 years old, living in Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Being treated in Aster CMI, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Left face swelling

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