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An Urgent Heart Surgery Can Save This 18-Year Old's Life But He Can't Afford It

"I was writing my college exam when suddenly I started feeling uneasy. My chest was getting heavier with every breath and suddenly my legs started shivering. As soon as the Professor noticed me sweating profusely, he asked my friend to immediately take me to a doctor. When the doctor informed me that the entire left side of my heart is damaged, I was in complete disbelief. How could I have a heart disease at just 17 years old?"- Shrikant 

His son needs a critical heart surgery to survive 

Shrikant's father, Champalal, got a call from his son's friend in the middle of the day. He hurriedly rushed to the hospital from his work to find his son in an unconscious state. Shrikant's sudden palpitations and breathlessness were symptoms of Acute Valvular Disease. Within a year, his symptoms aggravated further in the form of low platelet counts, extreme fatigue and dizziness.

"Nobody was telling me what happened to my son. All his friends lied to me that he is doing fine. I was shattered when I got to know he needs a critical heart surgery to survive. Since a year we have been trying to arrange 9 lakhs for his surgery but we have failed miserably. Our condition worsened to such an extent that even my wife had to start going out for labour work to be able to run our family." - Champalal, father  

His parents remain empty stomach to save for their son's treatment

The left side of Shrikant's heart is completely damaged and now he needs a Double Valve Replacement Surgery urgently to be able to survive. His family has been trying to afford this surgery for over a year but still don't have enough funds for it. Every penny they have been trying to save has been exhausted in his medical emergencies.

"I had to discontinue my education too as my body is getting sicker day by day. I had dreamt of becoming a Police Officer to support my Aai and Baba financially. But my helpless condition has compelled both my parents to go out in search of labour work. Even after working for hours in the fields, they keep that money aside for my treatment instead of filling up their empty stomachs. I should be the one taking care of them at this age but instead they have to suffer because of me."- Shrikant

If his surgery is delayed, his heart condition will keep deteriorating 

Just like a normal teenager, Shrikant had dreams of making his parents proud. He wanted to work and save enough to gift his parents their own house to live in. But now he has been restricted from going out even because of his compromised immunity. Lifting even the slightest of weights or walking briskly can dangerously risk his life. He lies on his bed the whole day regretting falling ill.

With this surgery, Shrikant can have his normal life back that unfortunately got lost ever since his diagnosis. His damaged heart valves will be replaced with functional ones. But if they delay this surgery anymore, his condition can keep getting critical, eventually making him unfit for the surgery.

Despite his best efforts to continue his education, Shrikant's fragile condition prevented him from pursuing his dream of graduating with a degree and he had to drop out of his college. At just 18 years of age, he has his whole life ahead of him and his family is pinning their hopes on your support. With a generous contribution from your side, 18-year old Shrikant can recover from his heart condition and fulfill his parents' dream. 
Patient Shrikant is 18 years old, living in Malkapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Double Valve Replacement Surgery ( Heart Problem )

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