Fired From His Job, Desperate Father Struggles To Save 1-Year-Old Son From Deadly Cancer | Milaap
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Fired From His Job, Desperate Father Struggles To Save 1-Year-Old Son From Deadly Cancer

“I used to work as a helper in a private company. Though I did not earn a handsome salary, it was enough for me to feed my wife and two small children. But I was fired from the job a few days ago, as I was not able to go to work regularly due to my son’s illness. Now, I get occasional work as a labourer but that is not enough to save my son from cancer.” - Vikas Dilip Kamble, father 

Baby Shrijyot was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that affects white blood cells. His cancer is rapidly spreading, and he is currently admitted at the hospital. Only continued chemotherapy and supportive treatment can save him from cancer’s deadly trap.

‘He got very sick within a few days… we still can’t come to terms with it’

Around three months ago, Shrijyot came down with fever and cold. His parents gave him the usual medicines prescribed for kids, but he did not get better. A couple of trips to and from the hospital and many tests later, it was doscovered that he had cancer. His parents, Vikas and Akshata have still not come to terms with their son’s diagnosis.

We still cannot believe it. We never imagined that such things could happen to innocent children who haven’t even started speaking yet. His elder sister keeps asking why he is in the hospital… but we haven’t told her anything. She misses him and keeps asking us to bring him home.” - Akshata, mother.

Vikas has done everything he possibly could… now he is begging for your kindness

After taking up work as an agricultural labourer on others’ farms, Vikas is only able to earn Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 a day. This is only when he can go to work. But on most days, he is at the hospital with his baby boy – tending to his needs. Vikas sold all his wife’s jewellery, mortgaged the only land he owned and also borrowed from friends and relatives. But he is still running short of money to save his baby.

When I look at his face, I feel like I am letting him down as I am unable to arrange the money for his treatment. Life changed in an instant for our family because of his cancer. Please help us save our baby boy.”- Vikas, tearfully.

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Patient Shrijyot Vikas Kamble is 1 year old, living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Dr Bafna's Star Superspeciality clinic & Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Blood Cancer

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