This 5-Year-Old’s Painful Screams Can Be Heard Throughout The Cancer Ward, She Needs Help | Milaap
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This 5-Year-Old’s Painful Screams Can Be Heard Throughout The Cancer Ward, She Needs Help

In just one month, her face and body have swollen to twice the size of what she was because of cancer. When we take her to the playroom in the hospital, some of the parents tell us she looks so healthy and happy, if only they saw her when she’s getting chemotherapy - her screams can be heard in the entire cancer ward. She’s scared all the time. I hug her, hold her tight so that she doesn’t move around when they are trying to poke her, but I can’t take her pain away.” – Sumathi, mother

Little Shreya (5) has blood cancer. She cries in excruciating pain, and the only cure for her is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, her parents don’t have the means to continue her life-saving treatment.

The 5-year-old was in the ICU for 7 days, she couldn’t eat or drink anything

One month ago, on a Monday morning, Shreya didn’t know why she was being taken to a hospital instead of her school – her favourite place. All through the way, she told her parents, Biplab and Sumathi “My fever is gone, see, touch my forehead. I can go to school again.” Unfortunately, her fever had come back just one week after they thought she was better. Blood tests at the hospital near Jalpaiguri revealed that her haemoglobin was very low.

“By evening, she was extremely weak. She couldn’t even talk. We took her to Siliguri and by midnight she was admitted in the ICU. The next 7 days were only blood tests and medicines for Shreya. We then found out she has blood cancer.”

They can’t even afford her next chemo session without help

Shreya is now in a hospital in Kolkata, getting chemotherapy. It has been one month since her grave diagnosis, and one month since she’s been asking her parents to take her home. Mumma, the injections are hurting me, I don’t want them anymore,” she says, crying and screaming in pain. However, her parents’ greatest fear is that they won’t be able to afford her next chemotherapy cycle.

“I tell her that this is the only thing that will make her strong like before, but after spending more than 2 lakhs on her treatment already, we can’t afford her next session. She’s in the hospital six days a week. After every chemo session, we carry her back to the room we’ve rented and all she does is sleep. She needs this to fight cancer."

You can help them save their only child from cancer

Biplab works in a private bank in their hometown. He has not gone to work in one month and won’t be able to go anytime soon. His daughter needs him, but with no work or income, Biplab can’t save her. He has borrowed from his friends and family, but Shreya has 9 more months of chemotherapy left. He needs 4 lakhs to save their only child.

Little Shreya hopes that she will go back to school in a few months, but she won’t even make it to the next month if they are forced to stop her treatment. You can help save their child from cancer.

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