4-Year-Old Who Was Abandoned By Mother After Father's Suicide, Needs Help For An Urgent Liver Transplant | Milaap
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4-Year-Old Who Was Abandoned By Mother After Father's Suicide, Needs Help For An Urgent Liver Transplant

“I look at his eyes and I can’t stop myself from crying. How can God be so unfair? He took away his father, his mother hardly visits him now. On top of all this, he has a painful  liver disease that doesn’t allow him to eat, sleep or do anything that a child his age would do. He needs an urgent liver transplant but with my income, it is next to impossible to arrange for it,” - Sudhir, grandfather. 

He doesn’t remember his father, now he has even stopped asking about his mother too

For 4-year-old Shravan family means his grandparents and his maternal uncle who have been taking care of him since he was 1. Since his father passed away, Sudhir and Kalpana, his grandparents have brought him up. His mother, Swati, works as a domestic help and stays in Kolhapore.

He was born with blocked bile ducts, and it was damaging his liver. He has already had a surgery when he was 1 month old. But tragedy struck the family when my son-in-law drank poison and committed suicide. We later got to know from our daughter that he was afraid he won’t be able to afford Shravan’s prolonged treatment. His father was scared but I will try till my last breath to save my grandson.” 

He slipped into a coma last time he was admitted in the hospital - he doesn’t have much time

Three months ago, Shravan had severe jaundice and had to be admitted in the ICU. His condition was so severe that he had slipped into a coma for 3 days.


“We thought we had lost him but when he opened his eyes after 3 days, I was grateful to God. Doctors then told us that we can’t delay his liver transplant anymore. With his condition improving, we brought him home. But every month, we need to go to the hospital three times  to take out the fluid in his stomach. He doesn't have much time left,” - Kalpana, grandmother. 

How you can help

Sudhir works in a pharmacy shop and makes about Rs 10,000 a month. His son is studying in college and he needs to support his education as well. The old couple are saving every rupee but cutting down on everything unnecessary but still are unable to afford Shravan’s treatment. They have registered Shravan's name on the list to receive the liver and are waiting to hear from them. 


“We have already spent around 6 lakhs but this transplant would cost us 17 lakhs. Everyone knows that house rents in Mumbai are very expensive - it is getting more difficult with every passing day to even afford Shravan’s medicines. Without help, my grandson will never get a transplant.”

His father died and his mother has abandoned him, 4-year-old Shravan is growing up at the care of his grandparents. They are never short of love, but the old couple can’t afford the transplant without your help

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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