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With Just 2 Days Left For Her Transplant, This 9-Month-Old’s Parents Beg For Your Help

Her cute little face, that lovely smile - Shradha is the apple of her parents’ eyes. Their day brightens up when they see her happy. But that is a rare thing for these parents. 9-month-old Shradha hasn’t had a single day free of pain. Her liver is giving up on her and only a transplant in the next two days can save her life. Her parents, Sadhana and Vijay are scrambling for funds - they don’t have a single rupee to afford this. But this is their only chance to save Shradha.

Any further delay in the transplant can damage her brain 

 “Just a month after her birth, I was so terrified when Shradha started bleeding from her navel. There was blood in her stool and her back was getting covered with black spots. We rushed her to the hospital and got to know about how damaged her liver is. She got a Kasai operation too, hoping that it would cure her. It didn’t. ” – Sadhana.

Shradha was born with biliary atresia - her bile ducts are blocked and it is damaging her liver. If she doesn’t get a transplant soon, they there are high chances of her brain and kidneys getting damaged too.

She cries for hours at a time, the pain is unbearable

“Right now, you can see how yellow she is because of jaundice. Her stomach is so swollen that she can’t even sit properly or crawl, she’s just in one place. Her eyes and her body is getting more yellow with every passing day. She cries for hours at a time. She’s been through a lot and she’s not even a year old!” Sadhana.

The whole family is in distress, they can’t save Shradha without help

It hasn’t been easy for Vijay and Sadhana. Vijay, who used to have a small roadside food stall, was running under major losses. For months he looked for other work until he finally got a job as a store manager two months ago. This was the best news they had heard in a long time, everything was going to get better for them. Unfortunately, fate had other plans.

Right now, Vijay’s father is admitted to the hospital with tuberculosis. A few months back, both my mother-in-law and father-in-law were in the ICU and on the ventilator. Vijay has had an extremely difficult time and we don’t even have money to help them. Now we are at that juncture that we will lose Shradha if we can’t afford her transplant,”– Sadhana.

After borrowing as much as they could from friends and relatives, they’ve paid over Rs. 3.5 lakhs for Shradha’s treatments until now. They have exhausted all their savings and simply cannot afford to help save their baby through a liver transplant which costs around Rs. 15 lakhs. Vijay is now running around, trying to make all the arrangements but the clock is ticking - he doesn't have more than 2 days to save his daughter.

This is one of the hardest periods of their lives and they need your support. Shradha can’t go on without an urgent liver transplant. Her mother has already been matched as a donor, but the family is short of the funds.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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