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This Mother Is Ready To Risk Her Own Life To Save Her Son, She Has Only A Few Hours

“We have a few hours to save our son. I’m ready to donate my liver, I’m ready to do anything…even risk my own life. I want my son to be alive and healthy. This liver disease can kill him in days if he doesn’t get the transplant today.” – Yelamma, mother

In just a few days, his liver completely failed

Shivukumar (14) had been admitted to the hospital 20 days ago after being down with severe fever for over a week. At the hospital in his village, he was initially diagnosed with Jaundice. Later, he was shifted to Hyderabad for further treatment where after viewing the test results, the parents were informed that Shivu has Acute Liver failure and he needs a liver transplant today.

I had to borrow money to even bring him here, I can’t afford the transplant  

Nivyanna is a daily wage labourer. When Shivukumar had to be rushed to Hyderabad, he had no option but to borrow money to even take him there.
“I am a labourer. I earn 150 Rupees a day and with that income, I am raising four children. Shiva is my youngest son and I do not have any money to save him. My wife has come forward to donate her liver to Shivu. Yet, we need 18 lakhs for the transplant and further treatment. I have borrowed money from my neighbor for our travel and food expenses. I can't borrow any more. I can’t imagine losing my son.” –Nivyanna, Father

Shivu has been in and out of consciousness – he’s getting worse 

Shivukumar has been in a semi-conscious state for the last 2 days. He is experiencing severe abdomen and leg pain. He is unable to sleep well due to medication and pain. His mother Yelamma often massages his legs to soothe his aching muscles. These are all signs that his condition is deteriorating with every passing minute. Shivukumar is running out of time without a liver transplant.  His helpless parents are praying for him every minute - they are shedding tears fearing that they would never get back their happy and active son...

They believe that they will receive help somehow and that their son would recover. You can be their ray of hope.

Your contributions can save Shivu and help these poor parents.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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