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Mother Of 2 Young Girls Fights Brain Cancer, She Can Go Back To Them With Your Help

Subramanyam lost his father recently due to cancer and soon he will lose his wife, Sherabu, to this deadly disease too. He is devastated but Subramanyam knows that treatment can save his wife. That is what is breaking his heart - knowing that his wife has a chance but not being able to afford her treatment.

“All my savings was spent on my father’s treatment. I took help and loans from relatives too. That put me in huge debts but I still could not save him. Now my wife is going through the same, it is horrifying - the thought of losing another loved one is killing me,”-Subramanyam

How can one person have 3 different types of cancers?

Yes it is true, Sherabu has fought 2 different types of cancer before this. But she is a brave woman fighting to survive for her daughters. In 2016, she won her fight against breast cancer. But soon she was diagnosed with bone and brain cancer as well. She has undergone radiation and is on medication but is still in need of urgent medical care.

They need their mother, I can’t do this alone

 Subramanyam and Sherabu have two daughters, 7 and 9 years old. They ask why her mother has lost her hair and why she is not at home much for the past few months, Subramanyam has no answer. He says she is not well and will be coming soon but is scared that they might lose their mother at such a young age.

Each injection costs me Rs 15,000

“Doctors say that her body can’t handle a brain operation, so she will be given injections which will cure her, but I can’t afford it. It is as if I am killing her with my own hands," - Subramanyam
Subramanyam and his father together use to work in a jewellery shop and lived a happy life, but after his father’s death last September, he couldn’t continue with the business and it ran into losses. 

Talking to her daughters was the only relief for her, now that has also been taken away

She is very weak and is in immense pain due to cancer. She couldn’t meet her daughters so she used to talk to them on the phone.  But now it hurts when she talks. She is unable to speak to them and can only listen to them calling out to her.

"I know the only thing she wants to do is to hug our daughters, she has been away from them for so many days. She has gone through so much already, I want to take away all her pain. Please help me," - Subramanyam.
With your help she can afford the treatment that can save her from these dangerous cancers. She can win against them and be back with her daughters, only with your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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