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9-Month-Old Lying Unconscious In ICU Needs Urgent Liver Transplant To Survive

"She has been in the ICU for the past 15 days, she has not opened her eyes yet. We do not understand how this happened. We begged the doctors to save her but they said only a liver transplant can save her life. We never knew that even babies get affected with liver diseases. We cannot afford the transplant, it is painful to see her lying motionless like this." - Rani, mother.

She was a healthy and cheerful baby until a month back

Baby Shalini was born after 3 years of Ramakrishnan and Rani's marriage. She was perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived. Last month, they noticed that her eyes were yellowish and her urine was deep yellow. They knew it is jaundice and she was admitted to the hospital for more than 10 days. Her parents thought that they can take her back home soon but her condition was only getting worse. They took her to another hospital and found that her liver is injured and slowly her liver will stop functioning completely. She needs a liver transplant at the earliest to survive.

Baby Shalini before the diagnosis

"We were shocked when doctors explained her condition, before we could even understand what it is, she fell unconscious. We never imagined that it would be this serious. We are standing next to her and crying all the time. We are waiting for her to open her eyes but we know it wont happen without a transplant, we cannot bear this," - Rani

In just 15 days, we spent 4 lakhs, we don't have even a rupee left with us

Ramakrishnan is a daily wage worker, he works on farms and earns around Rs 300 per day, there are also days he does not get any job. When Ramya became pregnant, he started going to nearby villages and managed to do all odd jobs. He was saving every penny for his baby. After baby Shalini's diagnosis, he exhausted all his savings and borrowed heavily from everyone he knew. He needs 18 lakhs for the transplant and it is beyond his means.

"My wife is the donor but we cannot do the transplant without money. My baby is surviving only because of the tubes fitted to her, we give her fluids through the tubes. We fear we'll lose her even before we get any help. We don't have any other choice but to wait for your help, please help us," - Ramakrishnan.

9-month-old baby Shalini will not make it without an urgent liver transplant. She is her parents' only happiness and they need your help to save her life.

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    The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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