10-Year-Old Worries He Will Lose His Mother If She Donates Her Kidney To Save Him | Milaap
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10-Year-Old Worries He Will Lose His Mother If She Donates Her Kidney To Save Him

“When he came to know that I’m giving one of my kidneys to him, he started to cry. He told the doctor that he will never refuse any injections or medicines, and he begged me not to undergo the surgery. He thinks something will happen to me, he thinks I will die. He doesn’t know that he will lose his life without a new kidney. I can save my son, but I just don’t have the means to.” – Kavitha, mother

His parents thought the bedwetting was because of nightmares 

Shakthi (10) had his surgery to place the bladder back into his pelvic cavity when he was just 2-months-old. Since then he had his routine monthly check-ups. His tests reports were normal and did not show any signs of a problem until last month. He suddenly he had the urge to urinate more and in fact, started to wet his beds at night. He couldn't eat properly and looked very tired all day.

Shakthi with his younger brother and father, before the diagnosis

"Both his kidneys have failed and he needs a transplant soon to survive. He feels terrible about his frequent urination. We thought the bed wetting was because of nightmares, we never imagined it was a dangerous disease." - Kavitha

At this age he is so selfless, I cannot forgive myself if we fail to save him

Kavi Chakaravarthi works as a supervisor in a private company and earns Rs 10,000 per month. His earnings are enough only for their basic needs and he hardly has any savings. He borrowed 50,000 from his friends and that was not enough even for his medicines. Shakthi needs bladder reparative surgery and kidney transplant that costs 15 lakhs. His parents have no means to arrange for it and without your help, he will lose his son.

"Even though he's so sick, all he thinks about is what will happen to me if I had the surgery. He's so selfless. I will never forgive myself if I lose him." - Kavitha

10-year-old Shakthi is scared that his mother will fall sick by donating her kidney but without the transplant he cannot survive. With your help, this family can live a happy life

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