"Allah Knows I Am Not Ready To Die Yet" Says 17-year-old Sekh Mohammed As He Fights Brain Tumor | Milaap
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"Allah Knows I Am Not Ready To Die Yet" Says 17-year-old Sekh Mohammed As He Fights Brain Tumor

Update- * Thank you so much for coming forward to help Sekh. The family is very grateful for all the love and support. He does not require any more funding and we shall proceed to stop the campaign. *

“He had finished his 10th standard exams. My nephew said he had performed well and was looking forward to his results. In just a few days, his future became uncertain. We thought it was a hearing problem, and now he is on a hospital bed racing against time.” - Aftab (Uncle)
My name is Sekh Mosambir. I’m 17 years old, and I come from a family of farmers. I thought I was going to change our fate, get educated and create a good life for all of us. One day, I could not hear on one side. I assumed it was a hearing problem, so did my family. To my horror, I found out that there were two tumors sitting on my brain, steadily growing. They might just claim my life anytime. I don’t want to let them. My will to survive is stronger. I want to achieve my dreams. I just need a little help to stay alive.

My family is from South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. My father and two older brothers are all farmers. They each make around Rs. 3000/month. That is how they put me through school. My brothers are married. They do not live with us anymore. So it is just Ammi, Abbu, and me at home with a lot of loving uncles and aunts around us.

3 months ago, I suddenly fell deaf in one ear. I told my parents and we went to the ENT. One of our relatives knows someone at the local hospital so there, the doctor suggested we get a CT as it seemed like a problem with hearing. My parents received the news first. When they told me, I felt like the ground way beneath my feet just gave way. I had a tumor on one side of my brain that affected my hearing. That was not it. I had another tumor on the other side, which was also affecting my hearing on the other ear. My uncle, Aftab, suggested we come to Bangalore for a second opinion.

“I could not let him get treated in Kolkata. We do not have proper facilities, and he means the life to us. We could not risk losing him to poorly equipped hospitals.”
How much could we save on Rs. 3000 income? My father and uncle gathered funds from everyone in our village. People from my family pitched in too. In fact, my classmates contributed whatever they could, Rs. 10, Rs. 20 and pooled in around Rs. 4000. Even the teachers helped us. In the end, we had Rs. 1,70,000. With this, we came to Bangalore. I was admitted to Manipal Hospital. After a few tests, the doctor said I need a surgery immediately.
This surgery costs Rs. 3 Lakh and it is only to remove the bigger tumor. After excising that I will still be deaf. After a few months, they will remove the tumor on the other side. It costs nearly the same. Overall, we have to bear medical expenses of Rs. 7 Lakh. We cannot afford that much.

“Sekh’s condition is getting worse. He is now having double visions. He is unable to walk properly. The tumor is affecting his motor functions. Even when he sleeps, his eyes remain half open. Sometimes he is unable to sleep. The doctor has to sedate him.”
I know I am troubling my family. I cannot express how I feel. I can’t hear what is happening around me. I can only hear whispers. I am scared. I can just feel symptoms worsening. It makes me angry. I scream at them. I feel like throwing things at them. They don’t tell me what is happening. I want to live. I want to beat this and I feel helpless. I know my family is helpless, but I have nobody else to show my frustration to. I feel like this tumor is eating at my sanity.

“He is behaving like a mad man. But we understand. My brother and his wife are extremely depressed. I keep praying to Allah to save our boy. Please, if anyone is listening, we are doing our best to arrange for funds. Here is the truth, at the max, we can only get Rs. 10,000 more. Nobody we know has anything more than they gave us. You are our hope for saving our boy.”

Allah knows I am not ready to die yet. I hope he gives me the will to win this fight, and your help to get this surgery.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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