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With 100% Damaged Liver And Just 4 Days Left To Live, This Boy Is Running Out Of Time

Yesterday, Sreeramappa left his terribly ill child in the hospital and went back to his village with a heavy heart. This is the most difficult thing he has ever done. He worries he might never see his 6-year-old again, that it’ll be too late by the time he manages to get help. After all, he has just 4 days left to save his son from acute liver failure.

“Earlier when I used to leave for work, he would ask me to buy him his favourite snacks on my way back. This goodbye was different, I just hugged him. We didn’t say anything to each other. Him - because he’s too weak to talk, and me because I can’t bear to think that this is the last time I hold my son. Now I’m here, miles away from him, doing everything I can to afford his liver transplant in the next 4 days.” – Sreeramappa, father

The weekend that will change his life is not far away

As Sharadamma waits for her husband’s call in the hospital in Bangalore, she tries to recall when this all began. It was not long ago, which is what makes it worse – it all happened so suddenly. In January he had seizures, in February he got jaundice and in March his liver had completely failed.

“I can’t sleep. How can I when I know anything can happen to him. He barely opens his eyes now. It seems like we’re so close to all this pain coming to an end..I can donate my liver to save him, we’re in a good hospital…but at the same time we’re nowhere close.” - Sharadamma, mother

Sreeshanth needs a liver transplant at the earliest. Time is ticking, and the weekend is not far away – the weekend that will change everything for the family.

Like you, Sreeshanth feels anything is better than staying in the hospital 

Even the thought of being sick with a fatal disease is scary, living through it is unimaginable. Watching your child go through it and not being able to do anything about it - even worse. Sreeshanth has his whole life ahead of him. He lived a simple life – went to school, enjoyed playing with his older brother and loved to eat all the snacks his father bought for him.  

“Like any other child, he would create a fuss about waking up in the morning and going to school, but now he wants to go. He says anything is better than being in the hospital and getting injections. He has started praying now. But even his innocent, heartfelt, pure prayers can’t save him now.” – Sharadamma

They have lost everything – their livelihood, hope – now they will lose their son

For daily wagers like Sharadamma and Sreeramappa, selling their two cows means losing a major part of their daily income. It means giving up on one meal, or maybe even stopping their older son’s education. But they had to do it to start Sreeshanth’s treatment. They used to earn Rs. 150 per day by working on other’s farms. Now they have nothing.

People know we can’t pay them back any time soon. It will take us years, so no one is willing to help us. I’m here in the village, I have asked everyone but they all say the same thing – ‘we’re also poor like you, how can we help’ and I understand. But I have only 4 days. Right now even a small gesture will help us.” – Sreeramappa

Sreeshanth is dying. There is no other way to describe the pain he is going through or how serious his condition is. He is dying because he hasn’t got a liver transplant yet. But you can help him. Your contribution will give him a new liver and a new life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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