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Unaware That Cancer Is Slowly Killing Him, This 8-Year-old Dreams Of Going Back To School

We have run out of lies to tell. Every time he asks we tell he has some infection or fever. How long can we hide the fact that he has cancer? Madhan doesn't know why he is always in pain. He asks if he can attend his exams at least. My 8-year-old son worries about failing his exam. How can we tell him he is dying and we, his poor parents have no money left to save him.

My name is Ramesh. I am a daily-wage worker. I put compost and fertilisers in lemon farms and earn Rs 200-250 a day. Madhan's mother is at home. Our life was our child. Though we didn't do well in our education, our hopes rested on our son. He grew up to be a good student and stands first rank in his class.

Madhan has been battling cancer for more than half his life

In 2013, Madhan fell ill. Madhan had a fever and we took him to a doctor. The doctors suspected something serious. They told us to the take him to Chennai. Upon running a few tests, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a severe blood cancer that needs prolonged treatment with chemotherapy; and in the worst cases, a bone marrow transplant.

Three years after diagnosis, Madhan underwent chemotherapy sessions at the Basavatarakam Hospital in Hyderabad. Life was not normal. Our son was in pain and we couldn't do anything to save him. My income was barely enough to buy us food.

He is suffering more than what his body can take

 Without further delay, the doctors at the Vellore hospital put him under chemotherapy sessions, with heavier doses as compared to before. These sessions, although are capable of curing his cancer, they come with awful side effects like vomiting and make Madhan very irritable. He’s constantly in pain and keeps getting irritated at everything. 

I did everything that I could do to save my son

I sold off our house. I did everything I could to get money for his treatment; asked friends, loaned from money lenders, but it's still not enough.

After the first round of treatment for cancer, we thought he will be back to life. But my son had a relapse, We thought we lost him but seeing him like this, ignorant of what is happening to him, broke our hearts. We can't let our son die.

He doesn't know he is dying, he thinks of going back to school

If you ask him what's his biggest worry, he will say it is passing his exams after missing so many classes. My son was the topper of his class. Because of his treatment, he couldn't give his exams. While we struggle to keep him alive, he dreams of going back to school.

How you can help

With Rs 150 as salary, I am unable to arrange funds. We realise we cannot save him with this money. We are hoping kind-hearted individuals like you will help to save my son's life. We will be forever grateful for your help.

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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