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Teenager Who Lost 90% Of Small Intestine Will Starve To Death Without A Transplant

My son hasn’t had a morsel of food for the past few months. He is only surviving on IV fluids and water. I have stopped eating, how can I enjoy a full meal when my son can’t even have a bite to eat? He begs for food, he says he will be happy with just one spoon of rice. He is starving, and only getting weaker with each day.” - Anasuyamma, mother

90% of Chinni Krishna’s (16) small intestine has now been removed due to a disease that caused a lack of blood supply to the vital organ. Now his body is unable to absorb any nutrients from food. Without an urgent transplant, this teenager will starve to death.

Chinni dreams of being a police officer, but in just one day his entire life changed

Chinni Krishna is a class 12 student. He is diligent and responsible. Ever since he was a little boy, he wanted to join the police. Even more when he grew up and understood the responsibilities. His parents Krishnappa and Anasuyamma were ever supporting for their son’s dreams. Until 8 months ago, Chinni was in the pink of health.

“But one morning, he woke up and called out to me, almost screaming. I ran into the room and watched him clutch his stomach in pain. He couldn’t even sit up on the bed, he lay curled up on one side because of the excruciating pain.”

Now he has only 15 cms out of the normal 600cms long small intestine

His parents rushed him to the hospital. His heart rate was low, his breathing, uneven. He was immediately taken to the ICU. It was then that they were told about their son’s disease - acute mesenteric ischemia, caused by inadequate blood flow and eventual gangrene of the bowel wall. He underwent emergency surgery to remove his small intestine. 

He is surviving only on water and IV fluids

They had no other option but to discharge him without the treatment he needs

Chinni Krishna is extremely vulnerable to dangerous infections. He was even admitted to the special ward to stay under strict observation. Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t afford to continue his treatment any longer – they had spent everything they had on his surgery. With a heavy heart, they discharged him from the hospital all the while wondering if this decision will cost them their son's life. A week after they took him home, they received an amount from the CM relief funds - it was just enough to admit him in the hospital. They have no means to afford the 50 lakh transplant.

Chinni cries wondering if he will ever go home, if he will survive this dangerous disease

They lost their only source of income while trying to save him

Chinni Krishna now needs an urgent transplant. Krishnappa and Anasuyamma have just few days – to arrange money for his transplant and save his life. However, they are poor farmers who earn Rs. 2,500 per month. They sold the little piece of land they had for a lower price to afford his surgery. Now they have nothing left for his life-saving transplant.

Chinni's parents

We lost our only source of income, our piece of land. We’ve also borrowed from many people and are already in debt. My husband is now back in our village, begging for help from everyone. Even affording his daily IV fluids are getting difficult now. We are running out of time to save our son, only you can help us.”

The IV fluids are the only thing keeping Chinni alive now. However, it’s only a temporary solution. He needs the transplant at the earliest to survive. You are these helpless parents only hope to save their son.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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