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Having Lost Both Her Parents, 1-Year-Old Satwik Is His Mother's Strength. Save Satwik

Satwik Das, a 1-year-old baby from Kolkata, needs a liver transplant. Suffering from Biliary Artesia, his liver is very damaged. In just one year, he has had two surgeries due to an intestinal malformation as well. His father Sushanto is the sole breadwinner of the family and he does not have funds for the liver transplant that Satwik needs.

Satwik's parents are determined to save him

The first thing anyone notices about Satwik is his cheerfulness. His happiness is contagious always bringing a smile to adults around him. But this cheerfulness is bittersweet for his parents. His baby laughter always reminds them of how sick and probably in pain he actually is. 

Satwik in the hospital during a treatment for his distended stomach

Satwik has Biliary Artesia – a condition in which the bile produced by the liver is not stored in the bile duct but stays in the liver – causing painful damage to the organ. Besides his liver, he has already had two operations to correct his intestines. Now Satwik needs a liver transplant to live.

Now, Satwik is a joyful baby delighting in saying his first words and learning to walk. “He has started speaking his first words and is growing. His happiness only makes us more determined that we somehow save him. He's an innocent baby who deserves to live,” says his father Sushanto.

Satwik is his mother's whole world

Satwik's mother Sikta lost both her parents a few years back. Today, she really misses both her parents who could have shown her how to take care of her baby. Because Satwik is really sick, she wishes they were around to help her deal with it. She will donate a part of her own liver so Satwik can get better.

Satwik and Sikta at her aunt's house

“After her parents died Sikta feels very alone in the world. My family tries to make her feel at home but only after Satwik's birth has she really started feeling like she has a family. Satwik connects her to the world. Without him, I don't know how I will comfort her,” Sushanto explains.

Satwik is his mother's whole world. He is her sunny, happy child with a terrible illness. Day and night, she prays he gets better and that they find some way to save him. 

Satwik with his parents

Sushanto has no savings left to treat his baby

Sushanto and Sikta were married in February 2015 and Satwik is their first child born in May last year. Sushanto works at a private company and Sikta is a housewife. Till recently, Sushanto made less than Rs 20,000 per month and already all his savings are spent on Satwik's previous surgeries. 

Sushanto is in the terrible position of not being able to afford his child's treatment. “We have spent over 2 lakhs on Satwik's treatment. There is no one is Sikta's family or my family who can help us with some money. But he means everything to us and we have to save him,” says Sushanto.

You can help these parents save their only child. Satwik needs an urgent liver transplant to lead a healthy life and grow into a happy, energetic child. Contribute now. 

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