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Widowed Mother Is Alone In Her Fight To Save 4-Year-Old Son From Brain Infection

“He just stares at me when I call out to him. He has a blank look on his face most of the time. I want my son to just say ‘Amma’ once, like he used to, so lovingly. Ever since my husband passed away in an accident in 2020, we have been by ourselves. But we were happy in our own little world. Why did this happen to us?” - Vasanthi, mother of Sathyadev.

4-year-old Sathyadev is currently in a critical condition in the ICU after he developed brain infection and breathing problems following a bone marrow transplant. With dark patches on his skin and no hair on his head - he does not look like himself at all. Vasanthi cannot control her emotions, but she does not shed a tear in front of him. She knows she has to stay strong for her son, who needs her more than ever now. 

‘I do not want to lose the only person I have left in this world’

Sathyadev underwent a bone marrow transplant recently, as it was the only cure for his condition - severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which is a group of rare disorders in which there is a lack of proper development and function of infection-fighting immune cells.

SCID patients have a very poor immune system and cannot fight off even the smallest of infections which makes this disease very deadly. This is why Vasanthi donated her bone marrow for her son’s transplant, hoping that he would be alright soon after. But sadly, that is not what happened. She had lost her first-born to the same disease a few years ago, and she couldn't bear for the same to happen to Sathyadev.

I have experienced the pain of losing people close to me twice in my life. I do not want to feel it again. My Sathya is my whole world. I cannot lose him.” - Vasanthi, tearfully.

Her child needs continued treatment, but she cannot afford it

To survive, Sathyadev will need ICU and other supportive care, but this helpless widowed mother cannot save him on her own. She was able to get his bone marrow transplant done through one of the government schemes available in Chennai. She had hoped that the transplant would be the end of all her worries, as she had no other means of arranging a large sum of money.

“My family has been helping to a certain extent now. But the treatment costs are far out of the reach of our middle-class family. We need lakhs to save him now, how do we arrange it on such short notice?”- Vasanthi.

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Patient SATHYADEV is 4 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Apollo Cancer Institutes, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

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