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Sathi Hides Her Cancer From Her Mother, Even Though It’s Killing Her Every Day

Sathi’s mother, Jharna thinks her daughter is in the hospital because of her back pain and a severe infection in her blood. The 27-year-old also plays into this ruse that she and her father, Shyamal are a part of. She video calls her mother from the hospital bed after hiding the tubes and scolds her for catching a cold. It’s like their little secret - like so many other secrets she shares with her father. Only this time Sathi doesn’t know if there will be a happy surprise at the end of all this. She is unsure if she will be able to go home, fully cured of cancer.

The first two days were the worst

Sathi was suffering from back pain for some time and it was during one of these tests that they found out of her blood cancer. Shyamal couldn’t believe what he heard.
“I almost fought with the lab technician! How could this be true? How could my Sathi have cancer? But there was nothing I could have done. We started with Sathi’s treatment but the first two days were horrible. She screamed out in pain, wanting to run away. The sight was unbearable…” - Shyamal breaks down.  

The chemo is working but she needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest. That’s her only hope at getting cured. 

Her friends and family still don’t know why it had to be her

The younger daughter of Shyamal and Jharna, Sathi is an employee of Axis Bank. And the salary she got, she spent everything on family and friends. Her mother’s medicine, a new pair of spectacles for her father, gifts for her cousins - she hardly had anything left for herself.

“But she never regretted that. She loved helping out others, supporting them during their tough times. Strong-willed and determined, she never let us feel sad ever. Not even when she got to know she has cancer. It was her idea to not tell her mother. She was worried that Jharna won’t be able to deal with the trauma,” - Shyamal.

Jharna is a patient of chronic kidney disease and diabetes. Shyamal’s ailing, old mother also stays with them. A retired government employee, Shyamal runs his family on the minimal amount of pension he gets.

“I have spent over 1.5 lakhs but the hospital bills are pending. They have told me that the bone marrow transplant would cost me over 43 lakhs. How can I arrange for so much, now only you can help me,” - Shyamal, father.

Sathi has always done everything in her power to help the people she loves. Today, as she fights cancer, her friends and family are unfortunately helpless. A generous contribution from your side can save her life

Patient Sathi Karmakar is 27 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr joydeep Chakraborty in HCG Cancer Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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