This Girl’s Fight With Cancer Has Left Her Struggling To Take Even A Single Step On Her Own | Milaap
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This Girl’s Fight With Cancer Has Left Her Struggling To Take Even A Single Step On Her Own

Satarupa has always been a responsible but introverted child. She has never wanted to bother her parents about small things, like how she didn’t think of telling them when she fell in her school and hurt her left leg.
“I wish she would have told me before, maybe I could have done something. Maybe she wouldn’t be fighting cancer now. I still can’t understand how a pain in her leg could turn out to be so dangerous - it is threatening her life now,” - Rinku, mother.

Will I lose my leg, father?

Since the day, Satarupa has been diagnosed with bone cancer she has almost stopped talking to her family. Even when her little brother, Tanmoy, comes and sits beside her, Satarupa hardly says anything. The only thing that she keeps on asking Tapas is if she will lose her leg.

An old photo of Satarupa and her younger brother
“She is scared and sometimes, even embarrassed. She hates being carried by her mother to the bathroom, she hates being unable to walk. I try and tell her that she would soon be returning back to her normal life. But I guess, I don’t sound reassuring enough. I fear, the cancer will take away my daughter’s will to live," - Tapas, father.  

Tears roll out of her eyes as she sees everyone go on with their life  

A diligent student and the favourite of her teachers, Satarupa had big dreams for her life. She wanted to make her parents proud - make their everyday struggle worthwhile. But cancer now stands in her way. She has had one round of chemo, she needs 8 more. She also needs a surgery.  The strong chemo is making her nauseous. She has ulcers in her mouth and is unable to eat anything now.
“She doesn’t complain about her pain but she gets the saddest when she sees her friends going to school, cycling on the roads or just playing on the field. She is only 12, she misses all the fun and excitement. I feel so sorry for her but I am helpless. Only if there was something I could do for her,” - Rinku, mother

We sold our jewelry, borrowed from everyone - still we don’t have enough to save her

Tapas works as a tailor in a small factory, his salary has never been enough to support his family. He has been working very hard to save every rupee for his children’s future. But now all that has been spent on Satarupa’s treatment.

“I have sold Rinku’s jewelry, borrowed from my employers and spent over a lakh. But I need more than 10 lakhs now for my daughter to get better. How will I get that amount, please help me.”

These poor parents have nothing with which they can save their daughter's life. She needs chemotherapy and surgery - a small contribution from your side can bring back their lost happiness. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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