He Worries Whether He'll Live To Fight Another Day, You Can Be This 17-Year-Old’s Ray Of Hope | Milaap
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He Worries Whether He'll Live To Fight Another Day, You Can Be This 17-Year-Old’s Ray Of Hope

"It's been a year since the doctor confirmed that I did not have TB. I should have been relieved. I was, for a brief moment. Then, he told me that I have cancer. I used to dream about being a CA. Now, I wonder if I can survive. It's a big IF, especially knowing that my parents cannot afford my treatment anymore." - Sarvesh

Sarvesh is 17 years old. He was supposed to write his 12th board exams this year. For 9 months now, he has been confined within the walls of his hospital room, waiting for the word 'remission'. There is only one way out now and Sarvesh needs your help.

'We did not know then, that I was far from OK'

In June 2018, Sarvesh did not want to worry his parents when he felt a lump in his throat. He believed it was tonsilitis until he was barely able to breathe or swallow. His mother insisted they visit the hospital where he was diagnosed with TB. For 15 days, he was on a high dose of TB medicines. When his condition worsened, he had a biopsy.

"It was the worst day of all our lives. Hearing I had Lymphoma. I could see it in my mother's eyes - that worry, if I would survive. My father and uncle kept calling everyone, asking for help so they could start my treatment. My sister, not a good actor, still putting on a brave face for me, telling me everything was going to be ok.

He tried to ease their struggle even as his body was breaking down

Sarvesh tried to stay positive. He feels lucky to have his family with him while several other patients sat through chemotherapy alone. He hid his pain from them for a long time. Now, he hardly smiles or talks. 19 cycles of chemotherapy have weakened him. He does not look into the mirror because he cannot recognize himself. Losing hair was not hard, but when his body began to swell, he knew things were getting worse. Chemotherapy makes him so dizzy. He has a high fever, keeps vomiting, and cannot even sit for 5 minutes.

"My parents lost their steady jobs because of cancer. My father was a driver. He would make at least 7000 per month. My mother, worked as a Bai at a doctor's house. Both of them have not been able to go to work every day because they are with me at the hospital. My uncle has taken loans to pay my bills. Now, I know they have no money for my treatment that will cost around Rs. 15 lakhs."

Love helped him survive thus far, and now it is not enough 

His friends did not know about his cancer for the longest time. Sarvesh did not want to distract them since 12th is a crucial year. Eventually, they found out the truth. The students of Podar College in Matunga, Mumbai, raised Rs. 25,000 for his treatment. The doctors took minimal fees, and sometimes even treated him for free. Relatives like his uncle came forward, and with all this help, the family was able to pay Rs. 8 lakhs towards his treatment.

"I need high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. They say they can take my own bone marrow to cure my cancer. My parents will do everything they can to help, but in that, they will lose themselves. I want to survive. Not just to live my dream, play cricket, be CA, but to give back. I have seen so many others struggle. When I start working, I will give half my salary to save other patients from cancer."

Sarvesh does not have much time. Any delay will only worsen his condition. Your support can help him survive. You are his last shot at life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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