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Eye Cancer Will Blind This 9-Month-Old Baby Girl Without Urgent Treatment

Sanidhya cries every time she sees a doctor passing by - even their white coloured coat scares her now because she associates it to the unbearable pain of injections and chemotherapy. However, Sanidhya might not be able to see anything, let alone colours, for much longer. She has eye cancer, and it’s spreading quickly.
“Her cancer is very dangerous and aggressive. It can spread from her right eye to the rest of her body in no time if she doesn’t get chemotherapy. It can not only blind her, but kill her if we are forced to stop her treatment.” – Umashree, mother

I fear the day she wakes up and won’t be able to see anything

Sanidhya was a happy baby before she fell sick. She would go to anyone that would talk to her, and everyone in her neighbourhood loves her. One week ago, this cheerful 9-month-old’s life changed.

“I noticed that the colour of her right eye had changed. It was like a glare and it remained as is for days. We took her to 3 hospitals nearby, and they all asked us to take her to Bangalore.”
One week ago, Umashree and Lokesh found out that their baby girl has eye cancer and they had to start treatment immediately. Sanidhya’s chemotherapy has begun, but her parents now fear that their 9-month-old will slowly lose her vision if they can’t afford to continue it.

Every day they worry that they will have to stop her treatment

Lokesh works as a driver in Kodagu on a contract basis. When there is work, he earns Rs. 7000 per month. Umashree used to work as a primary school teacher, but quit when Sanidhya was born. They have already borrowed from their relatives to start her treatment.

My husband has now gone back to our hometown to try and arrange for money. I can’t leave her alone for even a minute, she’s terrified now. Every day I call my husband to find out if he’s found a way to continue her treatment.”
However, the answer is always a no – they are helpless. Sanidhya needs at least 4 more rounds of chemotherapy.

Her name means ‘close to God’, our faith in him is all we have left

Umashree and Lokesh start their day with prayer, it’s the only thing they find solace in. Sanidhya is only 9-months-old and is in so much pain. She spends all day crying. The only way she can be free from the pain of cancer is if she can get treated in time – before the deadly cancer spreads to the rest of her body.

Baby Sanidhya needs your help to get treatment that will save her sight and life.

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