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Abandoned By Husband, Distraught Single Mother Struggles To Save 4-Year-Old Daughter From Cancer

“Her lungs get filled with water and she struggles to breathe. Sana suffers from fever and barely manages to eat, if not for the medicines. She vomits phlegm as her lungs get filled with water. After two years of tryst with cancer, my little daughter doesn’t even have the strength to cry. Constant, excruciating pain in her chest doesn’t even allow the talkative girl to talk more than few words” - Nandini, Sana’s Mother.

She fought cancer for the first time like a hero yet it relapsed 

Cancer first struck, when Sana was 2. Nandini rushed from one hospital to the other, to know why Sana vomited phlegm all the time. Scans revealed the presence of a tumor in the little girl’s lungs. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an aggressive and painful form of cancer.

"For over a year, she battled cancer. My husband stopped helping us just 2 months after she was diagnosed. He works in Bhadravathi and does not even call or visit. My daughter struggled in pain, crying for her father. We thought the worst was over but the symptoms came back. She even started wheezing this time."

Grandmother works as a domestic help to support her daughter’s fight for the 4-year-old

Nandini's only happiness in life is her daughter's smile. From the first time she was diagnosed with the relapse, it is only disappointment that Nandini has experienced, every time she’s sought her husband’s help.

"I have been advised to stay by Sana's side all the time because anything could happen. My mother is now working as domestic help to make money for her treatment and medicines."

“She is an extremely bright kid. Just as she was about to finish play-school and step into kindergarten, cancer halted her growth. Her teachers are eager to see her live and get back to school. Doctors and nursing staff in the hospital can’t get enough of her wit. Sana’s little brother, Jaideep, has hardly seen his sister. He doesn’t eat any food for days and cries, asking why he can’t go to the hospital with her,” says Nandini as a pall of gloom descends on her home.

Sana can beat cancer, but the financial hurdle is pushing her towards death

All the courage, resourcefulness has meant that Nandini’s daughter has hope. Only a Bone Marrow Transplant(BMT), with the 4-year-old’s mother being the donor, can help Sana beat cancer, again. But having spent more than 4 lakhs so far, they are left with nothing. They borrow to make ends meet.

How can you help?

This single mother continues to fight for her daughter’s life against all odds. Nandini has no means to afford 32 Lakhs to fund her daughter’s treatment. She needs your help to keep her daughter’s fight against cancer alive and ensure the 4-year-old’s recovery.

Your support will help this single mother save her daughter from cancer

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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