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Samriddhi May Suffer Severe Organ Damage Without Urgent Bone Marrow Transplant

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Her weight has not increased in the last three months. She is weak despite us feeding her properly. The doctor has said that she will not be able to grow at a normal pace and, in the worst case, may suffer from severe organ damage if she does not get a bone marrow transplant urgently.” - Manjushree, mother 

Baby Samriddhi is suffering from thalassemia major, a blood disorder due to which the body produces less-than-normal amounts of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the vital oxygen-carrying protein in the blood which carries oxygen to tissues and organs and gets carbon dioxide back to lungs for oxygenation. In people with thalassemia, this function is highly impaired and leads to poor circulation of oxygen in the body.

Blood transfusions are sustaining her life for now, but will not work in the long term

The normal hemoglobin count in a healthy infant would be Infant: 9.5 to 13 g/dL. Samriddhi’s condition is so severe that once a month, her hemoglobin count dips to below 9. And when this happens, she refuses to eat food or drink milk. Her skin becomes pale, almost lifeless. This is when her parents know that it is time for her to get her scheduled blood transfusion for that month.

“I cannot bear to watch the needles going in and out of my poor baby. She has to suffer so much at such a young age – when she has not even said her first words yet. On top of all this, she has several tablets to consume too. This may be enough to keep her alive for now, but doctors have told us that it is not a permanent solution." - Manjushree, tearfully

On a primary teacher’s salary, this father can’t afford her transplant

Baby Samriddhi’s father, Gopal, works as a primary school teacher in their hometown in West Bengal. He is the sole breadwinner of their three-member family. When Samriddhi was diagnosed with this disorder, he was already in a lot of debt. Now this situation has only added to his financial troubles. Gopal is now scrambling for funds and asking everyone he knows, but no help has come so far.

“Doctors have told us clearly that our baby needs the bone marrow transplant before she turns two for it to be successful and cure her condition. The transplant is very expensive – it will cost us 30 lakhs – an amount that is completely beyond our reach as we are a simple middle class family with no generational wealth.” - Gopal.

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Patient Samriddhi is 1 year old, living in Puri, Odisha
Being treated in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant

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