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Security Guard Lost His Job While Trying To Save Son From Cancer, Now He's Helpless

It's been months that Sujit has lost his job as a security guard and despite him trying very hard, he hasn't been able to get any other job. He is desperate, he is scared because his 5-year-old son, Samriddha, is fighting death. He has cancer and there is no way his treatment can stop. But this helpless father doesn't know how to afford that.

He had a growing tumour in his brain

A few months ago, Samriddha used to press his head against the pillow and cry out in pain. His parents also noticed that he was squinting with his left eye. The symptoms seemed scary, so they took him to the hospital immediately. The local doctors advised an MRI and the test results shocked the parents. Their 5-year-old had a growing tumour in his brain and it needed to be operated on immediately. Sujit and Srabanti took their son to Bangalore for treatment.
“The surgery took place but the doctors there told us that Samriddha would need continued chemo and radiotherapy to get better. It was impossible for us to stay there and get him treated. So we decided to come back and started his chemo in Tata Medical Centre. But the worry didn’t go away, we didn’t know for how long we could continue his treatment,” - Srabanti, mother

He can’t even eat from his mouth

Although the terrible pain that he experienced has reduced a little bit, Samriddha is very tired due to the strong chemo. He has ulcers in his mouth and can’t eat normal food - he has to be fed from a tube; that too only liquid food.
“He has changed so much and not just physically. He doesn’t laugh anymore or doesn’t want to go out and play. He just wants to lie down on the bed, he doesn’t even have the energy to go to the bathroom. The doctors have said that this is just the beginning, he will have to endure stronger doses of chemo. I am scared for him, will he be able to…,” - Srabanti, mother.  

With empty pockets, these parents are now pleading for your help

Sujit is struggling to continue his son’s treatment. He has left no stone unturned to gather some money for his son's treatment. He is not ready to give up but all his efforts are going in vain - the cost of the treatment is beyond their humble means.

 An old pic of Samriddha with his entire family

“I have spent over 2 lakhs already but I need around 6 lakhs more. But don’t know how! I stay awake at night trying to think of names who can help me during this crisis but there’s no one. You’re my only hope now - please help me,” - Sujit, father.

These parents are desperate, in their hour of need only your generous contribution can save their son
Patient Samriddha Ghosh is 5 years old, living in kolkata
Being treated in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma

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