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Without Urgent Surgery, Rare Brain Condition Could Endanger This 13-Year-Old’s Life

“My whole body froze in fear seeing her lying there, unconscious. We yelled out her name and tried shaking her awake, but she wouldn’t open her eyes at all. I thought we had lost her then and there. Just the night before, she had been completely fine. I don’t understand how this could have happened in a matter of only a few hours.” - Meenakshi, mother

It was a normal day in late October when things suddenly went south in the Burande household. 13-year-old Saloni had sat down to have dinner with her family, and promptly excused herself to bed right after. But the next morning, when she hadn’t been up for school on time, her parents went to wake her up, only to find her unresponsive.

She suffers from a rare brain-related disorder

“At a local clinic we found out that our daughter had slipped into a coma, but they were unequipped to treat her. We had to shuffle through a few hospitals, until in Nagpur, she was able to get treated and her condition started improving. Eventually, she came back to consciousness, and from tests we learned that she had a rare brain condition and needed immediate treatment.” - Sainath, father

Saloni was diagnosed with a cerebrovascular disorder called arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection between arteries and veins, usually in the brain or spine. AVM can cause the arteries and veins to rupture, causing bleeding in the brain or spinal cord, stroke or even brain damage.

She needs timely treatment and urgent surgery

In Saloni’s case AVM has occurred in her brain, where her artery has ruptured. Without timely treatment, it can prove to be life-threatening. She needs to undergo a surgery as soon as possible, to prevent or reduce the risk of any major complications. But the expenses of her treatment are beyond her parents’ capacity to bear.

“Our Saloni is a sweet and extremely bright child, with a gentle nature. She’s very good in her studies and school is her favourite place to be. But now, she’s very silent and often dejected. Even while she’s laying on a hospital bed, all she can talk about is school. She asks her papa, when she can be discharged from the hospital so she can go back to school, but we never know what to tell her.” - Meenakshi

Only poor farmers, they are struggling to save their daughter

Hailing from a small village in Maharashtra, Saloni’s family makes their living through farming. Both her parents are farmers, but they earn a meagre income that is barely sufficient to get them by. They are in a tight spot now, with nothing left and no money to get their daughter’s treatment started.

“We are poor people. Except for a few thousand rupees, I had nothing in my pocket. My daughter was critical and fighting for her life, but I had no way to save her. I had to sell off my wife’s jewelry and borrow loans. I’ve spent over 3 lakh rupees, and I’m neck deep in debt now. Yet, it isn’t enough. My daughter's surgery will cost us 8 lakh rupees and her life depends on it, but I can’t afford it…” - Sainath

These poor parents are in a very difficult predicament. With each passing day without treatment, Saloni's life only continues to be at risk. They need your generous support to save their daughter. Click here to donate.

Patient Saloni Burande is 13 years old, living in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
Being treated in SHALINITAI Multispeciality Hospital, Wardha, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Arteriovenous Malformations

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