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9-Year-Old Suffers From A Rare Blood Disorder That Can Take Away Her Life

“Until about 4 months back, Safa had a good life, enjoying her studies and play. What we thought to be a viral fever took away all our happiness in one go. When we took her for tests, the doctors gave us a shock saying that our little Safa had very low blood platelets and was suffering from a rare blood disease. Her life has been dark ever since.” – Tahir, Father

Bone marrow transplant is the only option to save Safa's life

Safa is just 9 years old and has been diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a form of blood disorder. She has to undergo blood transfusions twice every month but it can never save her from the inevitable. Only a bone marrow transplant can save her and she has to undergo the transplant at the earliest.

Her lips are swollen with all the medicines she takes

“We have no money to even feed ourselves properly. The hospital staff is kind enough to help us stay in the hospital. Otherwise, we would have been on the roads. Safa is able to understand what has happened to her and that has made her withdrawn and quiet. I just can't see her like that anymore.” –Samreen, Mother

Once a naughty girl, all Safa does is silently stare at the parents or the wall in the hospital. Her lips are swollen due to medication and she can barely talk or eat anything.

Safa’s father Tahir works as a daily labourer in a village near Bidar, Karnataka. He hardly earns enough to manage his family’s basic expenses. He is unable to even afford the monthly blood transfusions for his daughter. Now, he has to arrange 20 lakh Rupees for the transplant. Tahir has no idea how he can arrange such a huge amount.

I have nothing left to raise funds. I have tried for loans and since I don’t have a proper job or property, no one is approving my loan. Some of my friends have lent some money but that’s no where near to what is needed for the treatment. I need help to save my daughter. If she is fine, that’s all I would ever want in my life.” – Tahir, Father

You are now the only hope for Tahir and Samreen to save their only daughter. Safa has a good chance of recovery and your help can give her a healthy life.
Patient Safa is 9 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr Vasundhara in NH Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Fanconis Anemia

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