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9-Year-Old Sachin is fighting a severe illness that is damaging his body from the inside

Sachin is a 9-year-old boy whose condition has not yet been fully diagnosed. His immune system is attacking his body and he suffers regular seizures. His father is a daily-wage worker who gets Rs 150 per day and his mother is an Anganwadi worker. So far, they have borrowed money for Sachin's treatment – but they need help continuing to save Sachin and continue to treat him in the ICU.

It started with a fever that didn't go down for a week

Sachin's mother Anjana is an Anganwadi worker. She helps the poor mothers in Valmiki Nagar adopt better health and nutrition practises. So when her own son fell sick with a fever that didn't go down – she wasted no time. She took him to the doctor and even got a blood test done. 

Sachin with his father Chandra at the hospital. He has been unconscious for the last two weeks

The blood test suggested that Sachin had dengue. His platelet count was low and he had a fever. But even when he was admitted in the hospital – his fever did not go down. Even if it did, it came back worse than before. Early this month, he started having seizures showing that the condition is much more serious. 

Despite all her precautions, Sachin's condition became really bad. “No one in our family had any history of getting fits. Watching Sachin's small body shaking with uncontrollable seizures was the worst moment of my life. He is too young to suffer so much,” Anjana says. 

We want him back. We cannot see him suffer like this.

Sachin's father Chandra has stopped going to work – so he can always be present if his condition deteriorates. Anjana has borrowed Rs 2 lakhs to fund the treatment so far. But the funds are running out and Chandra and Anjana are worried they will not be able to give Sachin the treatment he needs to live.

Sachin with his mother Anjana and elder sister Megha

Unfortunately, their elder daughter was born with one short leg and now, Sachin is fighting for his life.

Sachin is barely a shadow of what he is. A talkative, naughty child – he was the imp of the family. Sachin's older sister,Megha was born with one short leg. Sachin and Megha are very close and often backed each other up in front of their parents. Sachin's school friends too regularly call Anjana asking to talk to him.

Sachin has been put in ICU so his condition can be closely monitored. He has been having seizures and even went into a coma. He has not returned to normal yet. “Sachin is awake and opens his eyes but he doesn't see anyone. He can't speak yet and I don't know if he even wants to speak. Doctors tell us that it will take some time before he is normal,” Anjana explains. 

The doctors are not sure what is wrong with Sachin

What scares Anjana and Chandra more is that they still don't know what is wrong with Sachin or how long it will take for him to recover. Anjana earns Rs 4,000 per month and Chandra earns Rs 150 per day depending on when he is able to find some work. Keeping a child in ICU is expensive and their borrowed funds will soon run out. 

How you can help

Anjana and Chandra have both never gone to school. They wanted to give their son and daughter a good life and an education.  Over and over, they keep asking themselves what more they should have for their children. In this difficult time, you can help these troubled parents save their child. 

Your contribution will help Sachin stay alive.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.