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Allah Gave Us Ammi, We Need Your Help To Keep Her Heart Beating

“Allah gave us Ammi, now it is in our hands to save her, and take care of her. I want to keep her heart beating.”

45-year-old Sabira Sharif is a mother of four. Regardless of her pain, she has always put her children first, but now, her children are taking care of her, and running around feeling helpless. Sabira has a serious heart disease and needs an urgent surgery to survive. Unfortunately, on a single income that is barely enough to feed the family, these children are unsure of how to save their mother.

They thought this fight ended 10 years ago

Sabira was diagnosed with a faulty heart valve a decade ago. At the time, she underwent a surgery to repair the valve. She recovered within weeks, and she seemed completely alright. Jameel, Sabira’s son, and her three daughters remember their active mother going about her days as if she was a teenager brimming with energy.

“I remember the doctor had said she may need another surgery after 10 years. She seemed fine so we thought it was ok. Suddenly, 2 months ago, she got pneumonia. We admitted her to the hospital. She recovered and came home. Later, she complained of chest congestion, breathlessness, and cough. We had to admit her again.”

Sabira’s heart has been slowly deteriorating

Suffering from severe chest pain, chest congestion, breathlessness, and cough, Sabira was admitted to the hospital. Her husband, Mohammed, was shocked when an echo showed that she had mitral valve disease.

“The doctor said that she needs a valve replacement and if she does not get it soon, then we might lose her. Now at home, Sabira is unable to even walk or go about her day as usual. Jameel is staying with her to feed and care for her, while I can still go and make every rupee I can.”

One breadwinner for a family of 6

Mohammed toils hard for this family of 6 and makes Rs. 8000/month. They hardly save anything at the end of the month. Although Jameel wants to find a job to pay the bills, he is running around ensuring that his mother gets the treatment she needs to get better. Unfortunately, at this point, they do not have the means to pay for the surgery.

“It would cost us over Rs. 4.5 lakhs to save Ammi. I do not know how we can manage to fund this. I am reaching out to the world hoping there are people who can help us. She’s our mother, we cannot just sit and watch.”
Your contribution will keep Sabira’s heart beating.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.