This 23-Year-Old Can Stand On Her Own Feet With A Surgery, But Her Father Can’t Afford It | Milaap
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This 23-Year-Old Can Stand On Her Own Feet With A Surgery, But Her Father Can’t Afford It

Ruksana Fathima is well versed in poverty and pain for she has experienced it like no other. She is just 23 years old but she thinks she must be older than that as it seems to her that she has been on the bed without mobility for a very long time.

“My daughter's life has been miserable for the last 8 years. She had a spinal cord tumor and had to undergo surgery. After the first surgery, she was somehow managing to get around in a wheelchair and even wrote her 10th board exam. But then she had a relapse and she has been bed-ridden ever since. She is unable to do anything by herself. She cannot even sit. She has severe back pain. She endures all this in silence.  I wish God had some mercy on her.” –Tayaba Begum, Mother

Even though she is going through a miserable life, Ruksana remains strong-willed and positive. She speaks about her passion for cooking and how she aims to be a well-known chef one day.  

“I want to take up responsibility as the eldest daughter and help my parents and younger siblings. What will my parents do to take care of the rest of their children if all their savings, earnings and time are spent on me alone? It’s not fair and I feel really bad about this.” - Rukasana

Two weeks ago a rat bit Ruksana's feet while she was asleep - this happens often

Touseef is a street vendor who sells fruits and earns less than 3000 Rupees a month.  He has five children, three daughters and two sons, to look after.

"You only have to visit my home to understand the kind of poverty we are living in. Two weeks ago, a rat bit my elder daughter Ruksana's foot while she was asleep. And this happens often to others as well in our family. Our home floods when there is heavy rain. Can you even imagine a life like this?” – Touseef Ali, Father

Touseef Ali has already spent 20 lakhs on Rukasana’ first surgery 8 years back.  He is neck-deep in debt.  He does have any means to afford another surgery that is estimated to cost 5 lakhs. He needs your help to save Ruksana. A generous contribution from your side will bring back their lost happiness.

Spinal cord surgery is the only hope for Ruksana to recover.  Touseef needs your help to save his daughter from her pitiful condition.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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