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4-Year-Old Rokeswaran Is Fighting Cancer A Second Time, An Urgent Surgery Can Save His Life

4-year-old Rokeswaran is diagnosed with acute leukemia, a kind of blood cancer. Unfortunately, his cancer has relapsed despite getting three years of treatment and the only option available for him is a bone-marrow transplant (BMT). He needs a BMT immediately to survive. His father, a driver is trying very hard to save his son's life. 

Rokeswaran is a cheerful child despite battling a condition this grave

Rokeswaran has spent more time in hospital than his house since he was born

Rokeswaran was born completely healthy. But when he was 2-years-old he got a high temperature and then it got worse. His weight was reduced drastically and in contrast to it, stomach was bloating. 

They rushed him to the hospital. A series of tests and after 6 months of pain and trauma it was confirmed that he has cancer. Immediately after the diagnosis, chemotherapy was initiated. He completed his total treatment of 3 years in 2015.

Rokeswaran went home after successful, defeating the dreaded disease. However, the happiness was short-lived. He suddenly developed fever and red spots in his body. His relapse made it clear that he was never completely free of the disease.

Rokeswaran's cancer has caused him to be underweight and weak for his age

“It is like living through the worst nightmare when your child is ill and could die any moment. Emotionally, it is the most stressful and fraught time of my life”

A bone marrow transplant will save Rokeswaran

Doctors have said that only a BMT can save. Rokeswaran’s mother was carrying for the second time and the parents were counting on their second child’s stem cells through the umbilical cord. But the baby was born 4 days before the due date and the parents could not save the newborn’s stem cells. The 3-month-old baby is too young to donate stem cells through her blood. To make matters worse there are no other matching donors in their family.
His sister’s stem cells can be used after a year but that is too long a time and that can put his life in danger. One year wait would mean immense pain, a series of blood transfusions, daily medications, and it will cost his life.

Rokeswaran with his mother Sermakani

“If the bone marrow transplant works he could be a normal child, which is the hope we hold on to.”               

How can you help

Rokeswaran’s father works as a driver and works day and night to earns a meager salary. He has already borrowed a heavy sum of Rs 10 lakhs from every one he knows. He thought the amount would be enough to save Rokeswaran. Now he has no one left to ask for help. 

A bone marrow transplant will require Rs 25 lakhs which is beyond his limits. The family's condition is so serious that even for regular expenses, they have to borrow from others. Rokeswaran is very critical and he needs an immediate transplant to live. Only your help can save his life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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