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These Parents Can't Afford The Life-Saving Treatment That Can Save Their 5-Year-Old From Cancer

“It was Durga Pooja and everyone was getting ready to go to the pandal, when I noticed Rohit had a high fever again. He was burning up! Without any delay, we took him to the hospital as the fever hadn't reduced despite giving him medicines. But we were not ready to hear that... that it was cancer. He is just a little boy!”
 - Chumki, mother

He needs chemotherapy to survive

5-year-old Rohit suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that affects white blood cells. It occurs when a bone marrow cell develops errors in its DNA. Rohit is highly likely to recover completely but he has to go through rigorous chemotherapy and supportive care.
“When we heard he has cancer, it was hard to believe. We went to different doctors in hopes that it would prove to be an accidental or wrong diagnosis... but it wasn’t. Within a week he had to be admitted in the hospital for blood transfusion and further tests. Soon we were asked to take him to a bigger hospital for treatment. Chemotherapy is the only way he can survive, but we are failing to afford it.” - Raju, father

Merely a tailor, this father cannot afford his son's cancer treatment

“I stitch clothes for a living and I never felt or thought low of my work. But today, when I look at my son crying and suffering in pain, I just wish I was not a mere tailor... I am failing to save my son, even though I'm doing all I can. I don’t want to lose him.” - Raju

Chumki is a homemaker and Raju works as a tailor. What he earns for the day is what puts food on the table - they practically live hand to mouth. Raju's income is nowhere near enough to meet Rohit's treatment expenses, i.e Rs 15 lakhs.

They need your help

“I have never seen my son so weak and dull. He loves to play and talk endlessly. It took just one month for this wretched disease to turn my child’s life upside down. He needs prolonged treatment to survive. It is a long battle, I know, but the fight hasn't even begun and yet we're already struggling. Our son, who has barely seen the world, is on the verge of losing his life. It kills us that we are helpless in saving our son.” - Chumki

Rohit is a bright child with a bright future but cancer is killing him slowly. He needs your help to win against cancer. Your small contribution can make a huge difference in this 5-year-old’s life.

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Patient Rohit Mondal is 5 years old, living in Howrah, West Bengal
Being treated in Narayana Superspeciality hospital, Howrah, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Blood Cancer

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