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This Single Mother Will Lose Her Son After A 7-Year-Long Battle To Keep Him Alive

While becoming a mother and then raising a child is the happiest part of people's lives, for Mini Jose, giving birth to little Roger Immanuel, her first and only child, was the start of the toughest journey one could possibly imagine going through. At birth, baby Roger was diagnosed with Acute Cerebral Palsy (muscle paralysis caused by brain damage).  And her husband left her because of it. 

Due to a complication during her pregnancy, Roger’s brain had suffered 90 seconds of brain damage, resulting in a permanent loss of his ability to move and physically develop.

They told me he would never walk, or speak. That he would be in pain all the time, and the pain would only grow with time. That his muscles would tighten, and he wouldn't be able to move. The only way to avoid all the pain would be constant and regular medical care and therapy. It wouldn’t cure him, but he wouldn’t be in pain.”

As a first time mother, each new sentence had been devastating for Mini to hear. She hadn’t been able to believe this was happening to her. But she had faith in her family, and convinced herself that she and her husband would take care of Roger, and still be a happy family.

But Mini’s husband abandoned her

Mini had quit her job to marry this man. And now he had left her, exactly when she needed him the most. But Mini only became more determined to give her son the best life she could. She taught herself the therapy techniques needed to reduce Roger’s pain. Taking care of Roger was a fulltime job, so she used up all the savings for the treatment. And when that was over she started selling all her jewelry. Soon she started borrowing money. As she sank further and further into debt, her son’s condition kept improving. And that was enough for her.
“It’s hard, fighting everyday for 7 years. Sometimes it would get to me, and I would break down crying. Because it’s just me. My parents are too old to help. But then I remind myself I have to be strong. And I have to be strong for two people. Me and my son. And I just keep going.”

But now, a sudden fever a few weeks ago has put little Roger’s life at terrible risk. His immune system is also too weak to save him.  In  a short amount of time, his liver has failed him, his kidneys have failed him, gas is building up inside him leading to his entire body swelling, and he is facing acute respiratory issues. He has been in the ICU ever since.

Mini cannot afford his treatment any longer

“I feel so guilty. I brought him this far, and now I am helpless to save him. It feels like such a long time ago when I used to dream that one day my son would walk, run around, play. Now I just want him to stay alive. I need my son to stay alive. He’s not even called me mom yet.

Mini has given Roger her all. She dedicated her entire life to him, used up all her money and jewelry to afford medication and treatment for him. But now she has nothing left, except Roger. And he doesn’t have long to live.

You are the only one who can help this family now. Everyday the costs and estimates keep going higher. Donate now, and you could save two lives.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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