6-Month-Old With Bloated Stomach Could Lose His Life To Damaged Liver, Needs Urgent Transplant | Milaap
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6-Month-Old With Bloated Stomach Could Lose His Life To Damaged Liver, Needs Urgent Transplant

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His tummy is filled with fluid and resembles a football. He is so irritable, that he cries all day long. He barely drinks milk anymore. We are scared we will lose him.” - Ritu, mother 

Baby Riyandeep has been diagnosed with chronic liver disease with liver failure. His liver is not able to perform its main function of removing toxins like bilirubin from the blood. Bilirubin is a useless and toxic breakdown product of hemoglobin, the main oxygen-carrying protein in blood.

Riyandeep has high bilirubin levels – indicating that the bilirubin is not being properly released from the liver which, in turn, impacts the functioning of the liver as a whole. He can only be saved with an urgent liver transplant, but his parents cannot afford it.

The baby’s jaundice became worse over time

When Baby Riyandeep was born, he was yellow all over. The doctors at the local hospital, in Ludhiana, where he was born told his parents that this would soon resolve on its own. They were advised to expose the baby to early morning sunlight and wait for the jaundice to settle down. But this did not happen. 

As time passed his whole body, including his eyes, turned a deep shade of yellow which alarmed his parents. His tummy also started bloating and his stools became runny. A trip to a hospital in Delhi and many tests later, they learned that their baby’s liver was completely damaged.

“Now, his condition has worsened so much that he cannot even sleep. He can only lie down in one position, and he cries until we carry him around – that is when he is able to rest a little. I can sense that he is in so much pain, but I feel so helpless.”- Ritu, tearfully.

This mother is ready to give a part of her liver to save her baby

Ritu is a matched donor for Riyandeep’s liver transplant, but the family does not have the means to fund the procedure. Her husband, Karandeep, works in a private woodworks company, and earns just Rs. 15,000 per month, of which Rs. 4,500 goes towards paying rent, as they do not have a house of their own. 

They have been struggling to afford the hospital visits and medicines, and have no way to arrange the huge amount required for the transplant.

“The transplant will cost us more than 15 lakh rupees. It is an amount that we may never earn in our whole lifetime. I am trying to borrow some money from acquaintances but I am worried I may not arrange the required funds on time. Please help us.” -Karandeep, father

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Patient Riyandeep Singh is 6 months old, living in Nakodar, Punjab
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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