Her Kidneys Have Shrunk To The Size Of A 2-Year-Old's, She Needs Urgent Treatment | Milaap
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Her Kidneys Have Shrunk To The Size Of A 2-Year-Old's, She Needs Urgent Treatment

"One day she says she wants to be a doctor and on the other, a soldier. Every day she wants to be something different and I love her smile when she talks about it. She was full of life, my daughter. Now she doesn't talk much at all.. this disease has taken away her smile, she's in pain all the time."- Sitaram,father

Like any other 8-year-old Riya has a curious mind. Unfortunately, she is not the same cheerful girl everyone once knew - she is now suffering from a disease that threatens to take her life.

It all happened so suddenly

Riya suddenly lost her appetite and did not eat for days. No matter how hard Narangi and Sitaram tried, she would refuse to eat saying she's not hungry.
“Then she started screaming in pain one day. It all happened so suddenly. When I asked where it was hurting, she would point at a different part of her body each time I asked... head,stomach,chest... It was unbearable for my child.”- Narangi, mother

Only 20% of her kidneys are working

According to the doctor, Riya had trouble in her kidneys for the past 3 years but it was never detected. As a result, she suffers from Renal failure, a condition in which the kidneys lose the ability to remove waste and balance fluids.
“Doctors say only 20% of her kidneys are functioning and she needs immediate treatment. This was not the first time she had such symptoms, but we ignored them as she would get better after taking some medicines. But now I regret it, I should have taken it seriously back then. She wouldn’t have gone through so much pain.”- Sitaram

She is surviving on medicines, but for how long?

Sitaram is a farmer and his income is barely enough for the family’s food and clothes. He is helpless and does not have enough to keep her in the hospital. She needs to stay in the PICU for longer to recover, only constant medical care and observation can save her. It will cost him Rs 5 lakhs and he just can't afford it.

“I don’t have any savings, whatever I had I used it in this one month of treatment itself. She takes a lot of medicines for her pain. Medicines won’t be able to keep her alive for long,she needs a proper medical treatment but what can I do, I cannot afford it."

She needs your help to survive and live all her dreams. With your small contribution, these parents can take back Riya back home.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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