14-Year-Old With Cancer Believes Her Faith Will Save Her As She Knows Her Parents Can’t Afford Treatment | Milaap
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14-Year-Old With Cancer Believes Her Faith Will Save Her As She Knows Her Parents Can’t Afford Treatment

Blood cancer has completely weakened Rimsha’s body; her limbs hurt and she suffers from a piercing pain in her eyes. She cannot even go to the washroom all by herself, but she still garners the strength to do Namaz 5 times a day. She reads the Quran every time she feels down, and it is the only thing giving her confidence to fight every single day.

“My poor daughter knows that she has advanced cancer. She also knows that she needs a bone marrow transplant and that we don’t have the means to afford her treatment. Whenever she sees a sad expression on my face, she says, ‘Ammi, don’t worry, Allah will save me. He is watching everything from up there…he will definitely save me.’ Her faith is very strong, but I fear that I will lose her due to lack of money,”- Asma Parveen, mother. 

 Now she prays to Allah every day after cancer came back to wreck her life again

Rimsha was first diagnosed with acute blood cancer in May 2017, when she was studying in class 6. Her platelet levels always dipped and frequent fevers made her life hell. The family had to take her to Mumbai for treatment. After 6 months of chemotherapy, she was declared cancer-free and went back to living a normal life. But in January, she started suffering from recurrent fever, cold and cough again – a test revealed that her cancer had relapsed.

“We couldn’t believe it. She had just started to feel better after so long. She was a little hesitant to meet people after we had come back to the village, and was slowly going back to being her extroverted self. She started crying loudly when she got to know…I couldn’t even look at her face then,”-Asma

She did not talk to anyone for days after she missed her annual exams recently

Even while undergoing chemotherapy, Rimsha made sure to be up-to-date with her lessons. She would call up her friends from the hospital, and ask them to help her with studies and they would happily oblige. She had full hope that she would be able to write her class 8 annual exams in March, but sadly she wasn’t able to. She was very weak and doctors advised against it. She was sullen and irritable for days after that.

My child had tried to be happy all this while because she thought that the doctor would allow her to write her annual exams. Earlier, she used to watch educational videos on her phone or even just chat with me about random topics all the time, but now she does nothing. She just prays silently,”-Asma

These parents need your help to save their daughter before it’s too late

Asma is a housewife while her husband Jamil works as a salesman in a small garment shop in their small village in Maharshatra. He earns just Rs 2,000 weekly. When Rimsha was admitted the first time he had to borrow Rs 60,000 to pay for her chemotherapy and hospital charges. He has not been able to pay off that debt, and now he’s again faced with the same situation.

 “This time, her condition is worse and she needs a very expensive bone marrow transplant costing Rs 40 lakhs. How will a poor man like me afford it? Please help me,”-Jamil, father

With your kind contribution, these parents can save their daughter from deadly cancer

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