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This 4-month-old Baby Girl Has Been In Pain Since Birth And May Not Survive Without Your Help

When you bring your first baby home, you get tunnel vision (in a good way). All you see is her. How beautiful she is, her laugh, her cries, her tiny feet and fingers. Our joy could have blinded us from seeing that she was actually sick, until she was 3 months old. Now we are slowly losing her and we will do anything to keep her safe.
Ravindra and Soujanya's 4-month-old baby girl is suffering from liver failure due to biliary atresia. She now needs a liver transplant to even make it to her 1st Birthday.

Their joy didn’t last long as their baby girl was diagnosed with a liver problem

Ridhi was 3 months old when these parents realized there was something wrong with their baby girl. She was not feeding well and her eyes had a yellow tinge. Immediately recognizing the symptoms, they rushed to a local doctor.

He said there’s nothing to worry, everything is OK. Just when we heaved a sigh of relief, he wrote a couple of tests and said it is better to be safe. The tests came back and Ridhi was diagnosed with a liver issue – Biliary Atresia.”

Denial pushed them for second and third opinions, but Ridhi’s fate did not change

Shell shocked that something could go so horribly wrong with a baby so young, the parents succumbed to denial. They sought a second opinion and faced the same diagnosis. The prognosis was a liver transplant and not Kasai procedure as Ridhi was nearly 4 months old (Kasai procedure is for babies under 3 months of age). Not ready to accept this fate, they retreated home and failed to follow up with the doctor.

“We were scared for Ridhi. We were also scared about the fact that I would have to donate my liver. If anything were to happen to her or me, my wife wouldn’t survive.”

Ridhi’s life was at stake, so the family went all in

The doctor assured there would be no risk to the donor, and explained how Ridhi’s condition could get worse. Her symptoms would get worse. She would begin to have blood vomiting and it would get harder to save her. Ravindra understood that his baby girl is in constant pain, and they need to do everything possible to end it.

“She never used to cry except when she was hungry. Now, she never sleeps. All night she is up crying loud. Her stomach is bloated. I understand that she is in pain. She cannot even tell us what she is feeling. I want my daughter to feel better.”

Once she hits 7 kgs it is all hands on deck

Yes, it is a race for survival, but Ridhi can have the surgery only if her weight is 7 kgs. Until then, the entire family is trying to mobilize funds for the treatment. Ravindra is a software engineer in Hyderabad making Rs. 30,000. He has liquidated all his savings but he is still short of cash for this surgery as he has already spent on the treatment so far. The estimated cost is Rs. 16 lakhs, and Ravindra needs your help to save his daughter.

Ridhi has been in pain since birth and you can give her a chance at a healthy life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.