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Cancer Made His Eye Pop Out — This 5-Year-Old Is Fighting For Life To Go Back To Normal

"His bandage came open one day when he was in class, and all the other children started screaming! They pointed at the hole where his eye should be and called him all kinds of names, telling him to stay away from them, running away from him! 
The pain I saw on my son’s face that day when he came home is something I will never forget. He couldn’t stop crying for days, asking me if he really was a monster! He has already been through so much, he doesn’t deserve to keep suffering..." — Sumon, father

It's been a year since cancer nearly took little Redom's life, destroying his eye so much that he had to have it removed. But while the toddler did survive that surgery, his suffering never stopped. Every single day that he wakes up with a hole where his eye used to be, is one filled with pain both physical and emotional. Only one last corrective surgery can help the poor boy's life get back to normal. But the road ahead is not easy for this family.

Cancer made his eye pop out of his face 

"When he was 3 years old, we had started noticing a strange spot in Redom's eye. We took him to a clinic, where they tried treating him for a week before asking us to take him somewhere else instead. We took him to so many clinics after that, and everyone tried but failed to help him. The whole time the spot just kept getting bigger and bigger until eventually his eye started swelling too! By the time we found out that the reason behind it all was that he had cancer... his eye had become so big it popped out of his head!"

The poor boy beat the cancer, but his fight never stopped 

Upon diagnosis of their son’s condition, Sumon and Geeta had wasted no time in getting his treatment started. He was put on a full course of chemotherapy, and radiation, immediately. 

“For a year he bore the pain of chemotherapy - the weakness, the hair loss. In the beginning he used to cry, but at some point along the way my son actually got used to the pain! What kind of fate is that for a little kid?!” 

After the year of chemo and radiation, Redom had no choice but to go under the knife to have the tumor removed, leaving behind a huge hole in his face where his eye used to be

He needs your help to go back to a normal life

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, but the condition that it left little Redom in is horrible. The hole where his eye used to be is not only highly susceptible to infections, but also turned out to be the root for all kinds of emotional anguish he has been suffering since then. The poor boy is afraid to step out of the house now because people would either point and make fun of him, or worse: be afraid of him. 

“I’m just a daily wager. To get him his cancer treatment last year, including the surgery, it wiped us out financially. We didn’t care, because we thought at least we were getting our son back. But now he needs one last surgery, just to cover the hole, a procedure that would both save his life and even help him overcome his mental trauma, and we have absolutely no money left. You’re his only hope now...

Patient Redom Deb is 5 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Rhabdomyosarcoma

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