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Dengue Has Led To Multi Organ Failure In Daily Wager’s Son, He Needs Urgent Help

Dengue is on the rise these days and villages with no medical facilities, are facing the worst consequences. Ravi lives in one such remote village of Jaipur, where on one afternoon, he suddenly had a high fever. The doctors in the village couldn't find out what was wrong  with Ravi. His condition deteriorated very soon - and his vital organs started to give up on him.  

“Ever since he is admitted in the hospital, my child has not opened his eyes. I am so scared that I will lose him. I didn’t want to leave him even for a minute, hoping he might call out to me.” - Muli Devi,mother. 
Ravi wanted to study hard and get a job to support his parents. Looking at his father work so hard to earn money and his difficulty to read and understand documents, he realised the important of education. He is very hardworking and passionate - he wants to make his parents proud. But all that seems like a distant dram now.

She is devastated and I can't even promise to bring her son back 

“She looked at him and couldn't stop crying. I was not able to console her. Now she visits him in the morning. She keeps calling every now, asking about Ravi and I don't know what to tell her. I feel so incapable, as a father,as a husband. She is devastated and I can’t even promise her our son's safety. can I?” - Ramphool

I don’t even have a stable job, how will I get 10 lakhs?

Ramphool works as a daily wager. If he make Rs 250  in day, it is a great thing. Sometimes he doesn't get work too.  He is worried thinking that he will never be able to save his son on his meagre income. He is turning to you for help - you're his only hope.

“I see all these pipes and machines. I ask the doctors about it but I don’t understand a word that the doctors say neither does my wife. If I were a little educated, at least I would understand what is happening to him. I just know that his condition is critical. I am losing hope now.” - Ramphool, father

Your kind help can give a new life to this 17 year old. He won't be able to survive without your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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