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This is Anitha's Last Chance To Save Her Baby Girl Who Is Fighting For Her Life

Anitha has not slept for days. The minute she closes her eyes, she sees her baby girl who is struggling to stay alive. She was separated from her baby just a few minutes after birth. She can't watch her baby struggle to breathe. Anitha and are husband, Ratan, are devastated that they cannot help their newborn daughter. They have nothing left to continue her treatment and are scared each day that they might lose her.

They became parents after 25 years of waiting

Anitha has always been fond of babies. She never expressed her pain of not having a child and let that affect her marriage. But Ratan knew she was never truly happy. The only time she is happy is when she sees kids.

"When we came to know that we are going to be parents, we were in so much joy that we felt so grateful, our life became complete", says Ratan. 

Anitha was rushed into surgery, her babies were struggling inside the womb

Ratan looked after his wife and unborn child with great care and affection. With his limited income, he made sure everything is ready for the child's birth. Soon, the doctor informed them they are expecting twins. Their joy doubled and they couldn't wait for the day to see their babies. But when Anitha went into the 7th month of pregnancy, something happened. Medical checkups concluded that the babies were unable to get enough blood inside the womb and hence needed to be delivered. The only option left was to get a cesarean done and deliver the babies.

Anitha delivered the premature twins- a boy and a girl.  Immediately after birth, both of them were shifted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were underweight and showed respiratory distress syndrome. The doctors said that the babies have to be in the hospital for another 2 months. But the boy twin showed signs of recovery after a few days of treatment and was discharged. The little girl is still in need of help.

She is extremely underweight and in respiratory distress. The only way to save her life is to continue her crucial treatment.

Anitha has to leave her baby boy behind at home when she has to take care of the girl baby in the hospital. Her heart is in two places and it kills her to see her twins separated from each other.

Ratan works as a machine operator and earns Rs 10,000 per month. Anita is a homemaker. Whatever they had saved was used to cover the child's treatment. The estimated cost of the entire hospitalisation for the girl baby is Rs 18 lakhs. Ratan has nothing left to save her. They are worried each day that their financial struggle would put their daughter's life at risk. But the cost of treatment is far beyond what they can arrange. 

How you can help

This mother waits for her baby girl to come home. She cannot imagine losing their child and she is in need of urgent support. The baby needs to continue her crucial treatment and with our support, her life can be saved.

Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards the crucial treatment of Anitha's baby.

Supporting Documents 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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