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Even Laughing Can Kill This 2-Year-Old Because Of His Disease

I just want him to be able to play and just be a kid, you know? To laugh and run away from my wife when she tries to feed him, to giggle when I make faces at him. But his disease is such that even slight exertions can make him lose his breath and become unconscious!
Every time he laughs, every time he cries, my poor baby risks death!
— Subhash, Ranshu’s father

Little Ranshu has a disease called Thalassemia Major, which the parents discovered when he was just 6 months old. He had developed pneumonia, but once it was cured he seemed to be getting even weaker than before, much to his parents’ worry.

“We took him to a doctor in the city and they ran some blood tests. Results revealed that he had some blood disease that was killing him! He needed an urgent blood transfusion.

 Blood transfusions temporarily reduce his scary symptoms

“Ever since the diagnosis, we’ve been getting him a blood transfusion at least once a month. It helps to reduce the symptoms for a few days, but even just a week later we can see signs of his health going down again. He starts eating less and less, he starts breathing more heavily. He also gets more and more fussy, seemingly uncomfortable and in pain no matter what we do. We know it’s time for his next transfusion when he starts gasping for breath while just lying down!” — Rameshwari, mother

His disease is slowly and painfully suffocating his body

Thalassemia is a condition where the body is unable to produce healthy blood. This is extremely dangerous because blood is how oxygen travels through our bodies. So, those suffering from thalassemia are essentially in a constant state of suffocation, even 2-year-old Ranshu. Though his lungs are pulling in oxygen from the air, only a part of it is actually getting used by his body. Blood transfusions help prevent this effect temporarily, but unless Ranshu can start producing healthy blood of his own, he’s only going to get weaker and weaker, before ultimately passing away. He needs a bone marrow transplant.

A transplant can save his life, but the cost is too much for Subhash

“I work in the agriculture department and with the modest sum I make, I have to afford rent, afford Ranshu’s medicines and blood transfusion, and take care of my aged parents, not to mention putting food on all our plates at least twice a day. A bone marrow transplant will cost 18 lakhs! There is no way a man like me can afford that. The idea that my son will die because I can’t afford his treatment is just... there is no worse feeling in the world for a father. Please, think of Ranshu as your own son, and save him. Maybe you can be a better father to him than...” — Subhash, breaking down
Little Ranshu needs all the help he can get. Doctors are saying he needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, but Subhash can’t bear the cost. You can help by clicking here to donate. 
Patient Ranshu Subhanshu is 2 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia major

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