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5-Year-Old With Cancer Screams In Fear, Says 'Bad Things' Are Eating Him From The Inside

Rabindra and Rupali had enrolled their son Ranajit in a nursery school just a few months back. When he came back home with red eyes and fever, they could never imagine it could be cancer. It was only when he suddenly lost balance and couldn’t walk, that they took him to a local hospital where they discovered he had cancer. Immediately Rabindra sold his land and took his son to a bigger hospital for treatment.

Just a week before his third birthday, we got to know our only son has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). While everyone was looking forward to a new year, my husband and I were sitting at the hospital wondering if this is the last one with our Rana.” - Rupali, mother

These parents go from one city to another, hoping to cure their 5-year old’s cancer

“We got him treated at Bhubaneshwar, and after the blood transfusions the doctor discharged him. But just a day later, his lips and face had become so pale, it felt someone had sucked the life out of him. We took him to an even bigger hospital in Kolkata. After chemotherapy for 6 months, he was declared cancer-free and finally it felt like God had answered our prayers. But, this year when he again stopped walking, all my fears returned. It was a relapse.” - Rabindra, father

Even a 5-hour surgery could not cure Ranajit’s cancer

Ranajit had been cured of cancer once at 3 years of age. But now when he is 5 years old, his cancer has relapsed within his left eye. He underwent a 5-hour surgery for the removal of some of the cancer cells in September. The fluids from his eyes are being diagnosed further in the lab. This time the cancer has spread even greater than the last time so he needs a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for about a year. But his parents are struggling to gather the funds to keep his treatment going.

Rabindra is scared that this time God might not answer his prayers again to save Ranajit’s life

“I sold my land to get money for the chemotherapy during his first diagnosis and spent about 5.5 lakhs on his treatment then. Working as a farmer, I earn about Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,000 a month, but still I had to take a loan of about 2 lakhs as my mere savings were not enough. Now with every single penny gone, I have nothing left on my name to sell and get an amount even close to 10 lakhs. But time is running out and I’m scared, what if this time I can’t save him?” - Rabindra, father

"My baby is too young to go through all of this again. He did it once, then why is God making him suffer again? He used to be so talkative, all the nurses knew him so well because last time when he recovered and went home, he was such a chirpy boy. Now whenever I try to feed him something, he keeps crying, shouting that there are bad things inside him and they are biting him. I feel so helpless that I can’t even ease his pain anymore.” - Rupali, mother

Since 3 years of age, with all the pain he has been going through, Ranajit has not been able to have a happy childhood like kids of his age. He has his whole life ahead of him but time is running out. His parents are unable to afford 10 lakhs for his surgery now as they had already finished off everything they had when he was first diagnosed. His only hope is us and only we can save him now.
Patient Ranajit is 5 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. V.R Raman in TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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