'I Don't Want To Be A Burden To My Parents Who Are Struggling To Save Me From Blood Cancer' | Milaap
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'I Don't Want To Be A Burden To My Parents Who Are Struggling To Save Me From Blood Cancer'

 My father is a barber and my mother is a farmer. They struggled hard to provide me education. I have always wanted to give them a life of ease in return. But now, they are trying very hard to save me from cancer. They have sold everything they had just to keep me alive.For the past 2 years, I have been nothing but a burden to my family

Rajesh is a studious 18-year-old who is fighting a blood disease for the past 2 years. He is in constant pain but he never cries because he knew he had to stay strong for his parents. Rangaiah and Ramanujamma could save their son from a blood disease the first time but now that his blood disease has turned into cancer, they are helpless to afford a transplant. Rajesh is pleading for help to fight blood cancer.

My only dream was to become an engineer and give a better life to my parents

It was a proud moment for my parents when I was the school topper with 9.3/10 GPA in my 10th board exams. With great difficulty, they got me admission in Narayana junior college for my intermediate studies in the year 2017. It was a few weeks before my exams that I started feeling weak and had trouble breathing. I thought it was because of the exam stress. I told my father and he immediately called me back home.
My parents aren't well-educated. So it was all on me to understand what was happening to me. I went to a hospital and after few tests, doctors told that I had aplastic anemia, a blood disease.  I stood shell shocked. More than the fear of losing my life, I was worried about my parents. I gathered all my strength and explained to them, they broke down.  I was dying inside but then I realized I had to be strong for them.

Cancer made me even more determined to live for my parents

My face was painfully swollen and the skin of my feet started peeling off because of the treatment, I was terrified. After a month, I got better and could resume my studies. I thought the worst was behind me. But later in June 2018, my platelets levels were drastically falling. I have been surviving on blood transfusions since then. It was during a recent check-up they found out my blood disease has turned into blood cancer

The past 8 months was nothing but painful. I had so many infections. My feet were full of painful boils. The pain was so excruciating that I just wanted to scream and cry but knowing that my parents would be even more hurt, I would stop myself. I used to think of all the hardships they went through to raise me and forced myself to stay strong.

Without our church community, we wouldn't have come this far

My parent spent their entire savings and even sold their jewellery for the initial phases of my treatment. When the doctors told I needed stem cell transplant, they didn’t know what to do. I had almost lost hope at that time. But we took a leap of faith anyway and went to Hyderabad for the treatment.
We went to a church there, like we do every Sunday back home. The community heard our struggle and they have considered us like family since then. They have given us food to eat, clothes to wear, and shelter in the church. Every Sunday they come to the hospital and visit me. Sometimes they bring fruits and clothes and they pray for me.

A church committee member praying for Rajesh while he's in the hospital

I have faith that I can fight cancer but I need your help

Since there was no matched donor in my family, we looked for unrelated donors through Dhatri foundation. Fortunately, I got a matching donor. My parents have applied for CM funds but we don’t know when it will come. The only option I’m left with us is to seek your help. We are a poor family and we have already lost everything we had because of my disease. My parents have nothing but to pray and hope for a miracle.

I want to fight this disease and give my parents a life they’ve never imagined of. I can only do it with your help. 

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