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His Eye Looks Like It'll Burst Because Of Cancer, This Boy Is Scared To Even Look In The Mirror

It all started a month back when Raj's right eye had turned completely white in color. He was being treated at a small primary healthcare centre in Bokaro, Jharkhand until his condition got worse. His parents had to rush him to the big city, Ranchi, to find a cure for their son. Now his right eye has swollen to the size of a lemon and he is in constant pain.

“His eye looks like it’s going to burst. He looked at himself in the mirror once and got scared of his own reflection. ‘Why do I look like this? What happened to my eye Baba?’ he keeps asking me. I tell him it’s because of a small insect bite but he doesn’t believe me,”-Ashok, father. 

They had always lived in poverty but now it feels like a curse

Ashok Kisku, his wife Pratima Devi, children Simran (7) and Raj (3) along with his aged parents live in a tribal belt near Bokaro, Jharkhand. Their house is situated right in the middle of the forest, where they have no proper roads or infrastructure. All six family members are forced to cram in their one-room mud house. They don't even have a separate washroom. They have to travel a lot even to get fresh drinking water and food items. They have known poverty all their lives, but it hadn’t become a curse until little Raj was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a dangerous type of eye cancer, recently. 

“We don’t even a have a proper medical centre nearby. Every time he cries in pain, we have to travel 50-60 km to a hospital in the nearest town to get him checked. He is getting sicker with every passing day and we are running out of hope and funds,”-Ashok, father.

Without even a proper job, this father is struggling to save his son

Ashok has not gone to school in his life and does not have any idea about the modern world. He is not skilled and therefore doesn't have a permanent job. He does odd jobs around the village, sometimes picking firewood or otherwise helping people with farming. When he does find work, he earns only Rs 200 per day. He struggles to feed all the six mouths in his family.  He and his wife go hungry on most days. 

“I have to borrow even the Rs 500 required to take him for consultation. Doctor said he needs something called chemo to be alright. I don’t know anything about it except that I can’t afford it. Please help me,”-Ashok. 

With your kind contribution, these parents can save their little boy before cancer takes his life

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