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13-year-old Born With Her Heart On The Wrong Side Is Always In Fear That It Will Stop Beating

"Would you believe if I told you that my daughter's heart is on the wrong side? What's worse is that I did not even know about it until she was 3 years old."

For 10 years now, Radhika has lived with the painful implications of her heart condition. She has never once had a normal childhood and has lived every moment fearing that her heart might just stop beating. Right now, her condition is getting worse, and she needs help to stay alive.

She was born with her heart on the wrong side

Pandurangan and Satishwari have three children. Radhika is the oldest, and the only daughter. When was 3 years old, the parents observed that her lips and nails often turned blue. An investigation revealed that her heart pointed to the wrong side and the major arteries had switched positions. Radhika was born with this defect, and her body had not been getting enough oxygen.

"She was just a baby and already had a heart condition. It was so hard to process that. We had to take utmost care of her, and she even needed a surgery in 2007 to relieve some symptoms from this defect."

She does not look or feel 13, she is like a little girl

Over the years, the problem has caused stunted growth and developmental issues in Radhika. Without enough oxygen, she does not have the strength to carry her school bag, walk up a flight of stairs, or even withstand the tiniest bit of emotional stress.

"Her heart is not beating enough. I have told the teachers and her friends to be nice to her. If we fight at home or by mistake shout at her, she can immediately panic and fall unconscious. Imagine, a child who cannot play with friends, run around or even feel enthusiasm because her heart cannot take it. This is living hell."

I promised to keep my daughter alive, but I am afraid I can't afford to keep it

Pandurangan has always known that his daughter may need another surgery. He has spent every day since 2007 to save towards her surgery, and so far, he has gathered Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. But he has to arrange for 4 lakhs more for the surgery. Radhika knows about her condition and is terrified that she will die before she gets out of school. All her father can do is assure her not to worry, and convince her to trust the doctor.

"I made a promise to keep her happy and safe. She trusts me and she cooperates with us. That's how we have come this far. Our doctor says we can give her a healthy life. The only problem is, I do not have the money that can help me keep my promise."

How can you help

 Radhika's parents are not wealthy. Pandurangan works at the Post Office. He needs help to keep her alive and give her a healthy long life.

Your contribution can help keep Radhika's heart beating strong.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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