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This Father Left His Job To Look After His Daughter Who Needs To Undergo Urgent Bone Marrow Transplant

Pramod Sawant, father to 7-year-old Purva Sawant cannot remember a time when he wasn't sitting in the waiting room of a hospital or standing in a long queue to collect his daughter's medical reports. The family's life changed when Purva developed a terrible blood disorder.

"Since she turned 5, frequent visits to the hospital is what kept her alive. Two years later, we feel like we are finished -- emotionally and financially!" said Pramod.

This child lose her innocence when she was diagnosed with a condition this grave

Purva used to be like any other child her age. Curious and active, her parents would not have known anything was wrong, if not for a chance hospital visit two years back. Purva developed a lingering fever and an intense pain in her joints. She had to drop out of her school that she had just started. The doctors told her parents it was Aplastic Anaemia.

Aplastic anaemia is a rare condition in which the body stops producing enough new blood cells due to a failing bone marrow. Her red cells, white cells, and platelets tend to get very low. She can't fight infection or illnesses. Even small injuries lead to uncontrolled bleeding. She needs blood transfusions frequently to recover.

"Doctors say that blood transfusion are not good for her in the long run. They say that our best hope is a bone marrow transplant. The idea of my little one going through something this serious and complicated is scary. But no matter what, we have to take this step. For her own sake"said the father.

Bone Marrow Transplant is Her Only Option

Luckily for Purva, her mother turned out to be a perfect fit for the donor. The estimated cost of the procedure is Rs 30 lakhs and Pramod is trying his best to arrange for funds. They have to arrange at least half the amount before the treatment can start. 

Another Childhood Marked By Parents' Absence

While Purva, the eldest daughter of Pramod has been fighting to stay alive, she is not the only one struggling. Purva's younger sister, who is barely 3-year-old, is getting used to a life without her parents. Pramod has left her back at his mother's house in rural Maharashtra. Both he and his wife are currently in Mumbai with Purva for her treatment.

"We didn't want her life to be tainted by all the hospital visits and our worries. She just started playschool, and I don't want to bring her to Mumbai and interrupt her education. Let at least one of them be happy and have a childhood," explained Pramod.

A Family of Humble Means

Pramod used to work as a driver but given his daughter's condition that needed urgent and lengthy hospital visits, he had to let go of his job.

Purva with her mother

"Few days earlier, we had to rush Purva to the hospital because she started bleeding from the nose. Her platelet and WBC level were dangerously low. she was in the hospital for a week. This wasn't the first time something like this happened. Over the past two years,  it has become routine for us. What boss will give me so many days off at such a short notice? I had no option but to leave my job, now I don't have any income", said a clearly distressed Pramod.

How Can You Help?

Pramod is trying his best to arrange for the funds but given his financial condition, he is unable to make ends meet. So far, he has spent close to Rs 6 lakhs on is daughters treatment, mostly with help from his brothers.

Even now, when he has no job to take care of his family, his brothers are doing everything in their power to make sure the family is able to at least eat every day. However, Rs 30 lakhs is too much money, even for his brothers. Your contribution can help Pramod get his daughter a timely transplant that she desperately needs to survive. 

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