Rare Disorder Has Left This 19-Year-Old With A Gigantic Left Arm, Cutting Short Her Aspirations | Milaap
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Rare Disorder Has Left This 19-Year-Old With A Gigantic Left Arm, Cutting Short Her Aspirations

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel like crying. All these girls around me are beautiful, and then there's me - abnormal, with this gigantic arm. I have cried alone so many times. I don't break down in front of anyone, as I don't want them to feel that I'm weak. At times, I wonder why me? I wish I wasn't born at all, it would have spared my parents the suffering.” - Priyanka

She has never had the chance to life a normal life

19-year-old Priyanka was born with two different sized arms. While the right looked normal, her parents were always aware about her swollen left upper limbWith it, the mass has just bolstered around the area, giving her an ungainly look. An extensive surgery can prove to be a life-changing experience for her.

This condition has made my left hand weak, making it difficult to grip anything. I can only sleep on one side. If I accidentally turn the other side, the extra mass weighs heavy on my chest, making it difficult for me to breathe. The index finger is so sensitive that when it gets hurt, I feel pain in my chest.” - Priyanka

She’s been subjected to scorn and mockery because of her arm

A second-year student of B.Com Computer Application, Priyanka has been facing systematic discrimination from society, for years now. Children are also afraid of her due to the unconventional look. While she is okay with it, it is the attitude of the grown-ups that upsets the 19-year-old.

"No one wants to sit beside me. People have even said that they don't want to drink water from our house, as they fear it'll affect them physically. I want to participate in sports and games, but the teachers wouldn't allow me. The teachers say they will not take responsibility for my health if I get injured during the event, and that is why they wouldn't allow me to take part." - Priyanka

Hailing from a poor background, her family cannot afford the treatment she needs

Priyanka’s family earns a meager income of just INR 7,000 a month, and has to work everyday to put food on the table. Despite the challenges, Priyanka is full of life and aims to find employment at the Indian Railways, which she says has been a lifelong dream. She also loves trendy clothes, but is unable to wear them due to her condition. 

"I’ve had this since birth. I don’t know what happened or how it happened, but doctors say it has something to do with the excessive levels of white blood cells in my body. I haven’t been able to do many of the things that other children and youngsters do, and I yearn to be able to do them freely. I would be thankful to those who will help me get this surgery and lead a normal life." - Priyanka, with folded hands.

"We can barely educate the kids. We have no financial aid to get our daughter treated. Please help her lead a normal life.” - Roja, mother

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Patient Priyanka is 19 years old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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