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1-Year-Old Needs Urgent Bone Marrow Transplant To Win The Battle Against Cancer

“As soon as the medicines wore off, his fever returned. I didn’t know what to do, it was the 15th consecutive day that this was happening. When I took him to the hospital, they asked us to get some tests done and the reports... they said my son has cancer!” - Pavithra, mother

Three months ago, 1-year-old Pravasthik was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of blood cancer, and soon after, he was admitted to the hospital to undergo chemotherapy on an urgent basis.

He needs a transplant within the next 3-4 weeks

Pravasthik is their first child and he was born healthy with no symptoms suggesting anything serious. The sudden discovery of their child’s cancer has left them in a state of complete shock and devastation.

“Digesting the fact that our child has cancer was just so difficult. How can a 1-year-old have, cancer is what went through our mind the whole time. But watching him get more sick with each passing day made the reality all the more clear. After the chemotherapy started, his health improved a lot. He is eating again and is back to his active self, but the doctors say that all this progress will be in vain if we can’t get him a bone marrow transplant in the next 3-4 weeks.” - Pavithra

Pravasthik needs 4 cycles of chemotherapy, followed by a bone marrow transplant. Without prolonged treatment, the little boy won’t be able to make it. The entire cost of the treatment will be around 21 lakh rupees, something these poor parents cannot afford.

He is fighting hard to beat cancer, but he can’t do it without your help

“I am merely a daily wage labourer earning not more than 11,000 rupees a month. All our savings, little gold that we had, and borrowed money put together also couldn’t make up more than 1 lakh rupees, How will we ever be able to get enough money to treat our son?” - Gururaj, father

Pavithra is a homemaker and their monthly income is just enough to manage the expenses of the household. With such an unstable financial condition, they are incapable of helping their child in his battle against cancer.

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Patient Pravasthik is 1 year old, living in Udupi, Karnataka
Being treated in Kasturba Hospital College, Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia

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