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Domestic Help Struggles To Save 11-Year-Old Who Is Confined To A Wheelchair Because Of Cancer

In just 3 months, cancer has made little Prasanjit so weak that he has to be taken everywhere in a wheelchair. He can’t place his feet on the floor without a shooting pain running through his entire body. He begs his mother, Sonali to take him back home, but Prasanjit has 8 more months of chemotherapy left.
“He cries a lot every day, he’s terrified of the injections. He shuts his eyes close to try and bear the pain, but he ends up screaming. We have left everything behind in our village to come to Kolkata for his treatment, even our younger daughter, but it’s not enough to save him from cancer.” – Sonali, mother

They sold their only piece of jewellery to start his treatment, now they have nothing

Prasanjit’s cancer was diagnosed after 2 months of fever, pain and swelling in his chest. Sonali and Ragunath took him from their small village in Mathurapur to Kolkata when his condition just wouldn’t improve. They were then told he has blood cancer.

“We live in a small house with a thatched roof. Four of us sleep on the floor. We don’t have much to call our own. The only piece of jewellery I owned were a pair of earrings I got for my wedding. We sold that to start his treatment and got Rs. 10,000. We haven’t been able to spend a rupee more than that because we have nothing.”
Prasanjit started chemotherapy, but he needs 8 more months of it to beat blood cancer.

Sonali had to stop working to take care of Prasanjit

Sonali works as a domestic help and earns Rs. 700 per month, but she hasn’t been able to go for work ever since Prasanjit started falling sick 3 months ago. Ragunath is a construction worker and earns Rs. 250 per day. However, with both of them in Kolkata for Prasanjit’s treatment, they have no work and no income.

“I stay with him during the day, and my husband stays overnight. It’s difficult for just one of us to manage because we have to run around for tests and bills.”

They have just Rs. 500 left, they need 8 lakhs to save their son

Prasanjit is a quiet, obedient young boy who loves going to school. Now all he wants is to get better and go back home. In the one month since he started chemotherapy, he’s been through so much that he asks his father if he will ever be fine. Ragunath and Sonali have just Rs. 500 left with them to save him. They have no one to turn to for help and are struggling to look for work. They need your help to afford the 8 lakh treatment.

Prasanjit is in a lot of pain and can only make it through with your help. Your support will help him fight cancer.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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