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This 4-Year-Old Hasn’t Spoken A Word In A Week, Only Tears Roll Down Her Cheeks

“In just six days my baby...her condition got so critical. Her lungs, liver and pancreas got infected. Her body has multiple blood clots, she has just turned into a sack of bones and I am unable to do anything more than pray. I want all of this to end, I want to see her like she was before.”
-Narsimha, father

Last month when Prakruthi returned from Children’s Day celebrations at school, she had a slight fever. But within a few days, it turned out to be a severe case of pneumonia and since then she has been admitted in the ICU. She is getting worse with every passing day.  She needs an urgent operation for the blood clots and has to stay in the ICU for at least a week to fully recover.

She is just a 4-year-old

Prakruthi is a very active child. She is just 4 years old but her ideas and thoughts surprise everyone. She loves pet animals and visits her grandmother every month to play with the pet animals there.

“Dog, cats and cows, she just loves them. Whenever she use to go to her grandmother’s house, it was so difficult to bring her back home. She loved telling rhymes and stories that she learnt at school. Look at her now, I... I want my Prakruthi back.”- Vidyarani, mother

Tears roll down her cheeks but she stays lifeless

“It is rare that they allow us in the ICU but when they do, we talk to her a lot. She can’t talk or move but we know she can hear us, I can tell because tears roll down her cheeks when we speak.”- Narsimha

The parents cry while they talk to her, unable to control their emotions. They feel happy that she responds but it is not the way they would like her to. Prakruthi can recover from this painful phase but the parents have exhausted every single rupee they had. They are left helpless and devastated now.

I am a middle-class man, I don't know what more I can do...

Narsimha is an ordinary middle-class man with a small job in a private company. He managed all he could to save his daughter but now he is breaking down.

“I claimed the insurance, I borrowed from my family, friends and colleagues, I even sold my house but... I have nothing now except my daughter. I don’t know what else to do than beg you to help me. Please save my daughter...Please.”

Without your help, it will be impossible for these parents to save their daughter. Your small contribution can save this 4-year-old.
Patient Prakruthi is 4 years old, living in Bangalore
Being treated by Dr.Rakshay in RAINBOW CHILDREN HOSPITAL, Bangalore

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Pneumonia

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