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4-Year-Old With Damaged Lungs Is Fighting To Live With Every Breath She Takes, You Can Help Her

It was in the middle of the night when Ilaiah and Aruna rushed their daughter Vishwagna to the city hospital in an ambulance. Her condition was very critical and she was on oxygen support, but she was still gasping for breath. Every minute that went by was taking the 4-year-old closer to death.

“By the time we reached the hospital, she was unconscious. We tried waking her up but she just didn’t respond. For a minute we thought we lost her but my brave child kept fighting. She is fighting every minute to survive. It is we who are failing to save her!” - Ilaiah

She needs PICU to recover from damaged lungs

4-year-old Vishwagna has always been an active and healthy child. But when she contracted dengue fever last month, everything turned upside down for this family. Vomiting, breathlessness, and loss of appetite, it was one problem after another. She was admitted in the local hospital the very day her fever spiked but it just kept getting worse and then she was rushed to the hospital in a life or death situation.

The little girl suffers from pneumonia and her lungs have failed because of it. She was put on ECMO and is currently recovering in the PICU. She is unable to breathe for more than a few minutes on her own. She needs continued PICU to survive. 

“She used to be a playful and active child. She loved playing with her sister Avigna and they both looked so adorable together. But now, she is attached to all these machines, and all sorts of tubes run around her body. It is very scary and painful to watch her struggle, gasp for her every breath. Every day we go to the ICU in hope of seeing her smile like she used to before but she can barely open her eyes now, let alone smile. We are neither able to comfort her nor able to continue with the treatment. How will we save her?” - Aruna, mother

They need your help to save their daughter

Aruna is a housewife and Ilaiah is a private school teacher. Ever since the pandemic, the school at which Ilaiah worked has not re-opened and Ilaiah has been managing it by tutoring his neighbors' kids. With his fluctuating income, he's finding it impossible to save his daughter's life.

“It’s been a month now, we are 280km away from home, with no shelter or proper food. All the money that we managed to gather is gone now and I am unable to continue. I don’t know how to save my child. You are my only hope. Please help!” - Ilaiah

The treatment will cost 15L rupees which these parents cannot afford. You can help. Click here to donate. 
Patient Ponnaveni Vishwagna is 4 years old, living in Mancherial, Telangana
Being treated in KIMs Cuddles Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving treatment for Pneumonia with ards

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