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Massive Forehead Tumour Making it Impossible for Mirdul to Open her Left Eye

"This tumour has taken away my daughter's childhood, her innocence, and our happiness. I don't remember the last time we laughed together. The pain has become a part of her life now, and she has to bear with it, day and night. For her, this is reality and she has grown up suffering at the hands of this tumour." - Bigni Devi, mother.

Every child learns to play, speak and study as they grow up. They get familiar with a routine of going to school, making new friends, and spending family time. Unfortunately, life has been unfair to Mridul since birth. She has endured inexplicable pain, and the 9 years she has spent on earth have only revolved around visits to the hospital, medicines and endless medical tests.

Mridul is in great distress because of a massive, aggressive tumour on her forehead. It comes with multiple complications such as headaches, sinus infections, hearing issues or vision problems. Doctors have suggested that she undergo immediate surgery to remove the tumour, or it will only grow bigger and worsen with time.

She was born with a small pimple-like lump on her forehead. But as she grew, so did the lump. Now, it is 10 times bigger and covers most of the expanse of her forehead. Due to the weight and size of her tumour, there is added pressure on her left eye that is tucked underneath the growth, making it impossible for her to open her eye or even see through it.

Mridul often writhes and cries in pain and has to resort to seeing through only one eye. She lies on the bed helplessly, as the fever caused by the tumour drains her energy. She even experiences dizziness and blackouts, multiple times a month, along with seizures, constant headaches, epilepsy, vomiting while eating, sleeplessness, and memory loss. Only urgent surgery will relieve her of her plight.

"I spend days and weeks wandering around and looking for work, begging for money - anything to save my daughter from this tumour that feels no more than a curse. But to no avail. I have no one to turn to for help, and everyone I ask turns their back on me. I constantly worry that if she doesn't get treatment soon, she won't be able to live a normal life. That she won't have a bright future, or will not be able to get married - all because I failed to get her treated on time." - Dharmender, father

Mridul's parents, Dharmender and Bigni Devi, work as labourers at a brick kiln. They came from Bihar in search of work to afford three meals a day. But even after baking bricks all day, they often go to bed on an empty stomach. They borrowed money for Mridul's treatment, but could never pay it back. They are neck-deep in debt, and have no permanent roof over their head.
"I don't know why God did this to us! We need money for her treatment and we are short on time. The doctor said her tumour is dangerous and if she doesn't get timely treatment, it could take her life. Please help us save her! Please..." - Bigni Devi

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